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Future Trunks arc visual artwork
"Future" Trunks Arc
Kanji らい”トランクスへん
Rōmaji Mirai" Torankusu Hen
Other FUNi The Future Trunks Saga[1]
Series Dragon Ball Super
Previous Hakaishin Champa Arc
Next Universe Survival Arc
Series Information
Anime Original Run November 20, 2016
Manga Original Run July 21, 2016
Corresponding Episodes DBS047 - DBS067
Corresponding Chapters Chapter 14 (Super) - ?

See also: List of Volumes and List of Dragon Ball Super episodes The "Future" Trunks Arc (“らい”トランクスへん, "Mirai" Torankusu Hen)[2] is an arc from the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga series. In both media, it was followed by the Universe Survival Arc.



In the alternate future, Trunks manages to successfully escape from an unknown malicious entity. Afterwards, Trunks takes refuge in the lab his mother, Bulma, lives in. He meets with his mother who has been working on making fuel for the Time Machine. However, the fuel is only for a one way trip, but Bulma has confidence in her son that he will find a way to return. Suddenly, the building is attacked and Trunks shields his mother. Bulma gives Trunks the fuel so that he can travel back into the past with Mai. The building is attacked again, with the malicious entity taking hold of Bulma. Bulma orders Trunks to go, to which Trunks hesitantly does. Trunks successfully escapes, but unfortunately the malicious entity destroys the building and murders Bulma.

In the present timeline, on Earth, Gokū shows Chi-Chi and Goten the vegetable field he has worked hard on and has invited Piccolo to help him harvest the vegetable field. As Gokū and Piccolo harvest the vegetable field with great pace, Kulilin arrives to inform Gokū that Vegeta is training with Whis on Beerus' Planet. Gokū decides to abandon the vegetable harvesting so that he can also train and uses Instantaneous Movement to teleport to Beerus' Planet. Gokū arrives and accidentally brings one of the lettuces with him; this catches Beerus' attention who decides to have a bite of the lettuce and enjoys it.

In the alternate future, Trunks manages to find Mai. He sorrowfully tells Mai that his mother sacrificed herself to make the fuel for the Time Machine and that the malicious entity called Black, now has the ability to sense ki. Trunks tells Mai that thanks to Bulma, they can go to the past.

Back in the present timeline, Beerus, Gokū, Vegeta and Whis eat ramen. Whis tells Gokū and Vegeta more about Zen'ō and that although he does not fight, being indeed the strongest and confirms it by telling the Saiyan duo that there were once 18 universes in total, but six universes were destroyed in an instant when his mood was spoiled.

In the alternate future, Trunks and Mai have a rest; Mai gives Trunks food but unfortunately it is dog food since she wasn’t able to procure proper food due to the collapse of society. After sharing the dog food with Mai, Trunks states that they will go back 17 years into the past in order to get help from the Dragon Team.

Trunks and Mai reach Capsule Corporation and prepare to go inside the dilapidated building to find the Time Machine. However, they are unable to do so as Black shows up once again. Trunks and Mai fight Black, only for it to overpower the duo with Mai getting critically injured and as a result, dies. Black reveals itself; he is a man wearing black and grey Kaiōshin-like clothing but his most distinctive feature is his identical appearance to that of Gokū with a green potara pierced in his left ear. Black is glad that this day will be Trunks' last day and smiles wickedly.[3]

Trunks mourns Mai's death. Black taunts the Saiyan, causing Trunks to transform into a Super Saiyan and fight Black. However, Black easily overwhelms the Super Saiyan and prepares to finish him off. Trunks fires a Masenko to distract Black, allowing him to escape into Capsule Corporation. Inside, trunks inserts the fuel into the Time Machine. Afterwards, Trunks uses the Time Machine and begins escaping. Black manages to find Trunks and fires a Kamehameha at him, only to miss due to the Time Machine finishing its teleportation to the past. Black tries locating Trunks but isn't able to find his ki.

In the present, Trunks along with the Pilaf Gang are having a school lesson. Afterwards, they have lunch. Suddenly, Trunks' Time Machine appears from the sky and lands. Trunks goes to see who is inside and sees a person similar to him but unconscious. Pilaf orders Shu to get Bulma. Soon, Bulma arrives and gets the unconscious Trunks out of the machine and onto a bed. As Bulma rushes to get a communication device to contact Whis. Trunks and the Pilaf Gang are confused as to whom the mysterious person might be.

On Beerus' Planet, Goku, Vegeta, Whis and Beerus have finished eating the ramen. Whis gets a call from Bulma who asks Goku and Vegeta to come back to Earth as Trunks has returned. Needing a power signature to lock on so that Goku can use Instantaneous Movement, Bulma asks Trunks to raise his power level. Trunks does so, allowing Goku to pick up Trunks' ki. Goku uses Instantaneous Movement and teleports himself, Vegeta, Whis and Beerus to Earth at Capsule Corporation. At Capsule Corporation, Goku and Vegeta see Trunks who is unconscious and injured; Goku uses Instantaneous Movement to teleport to Korin's Tower to get Senzu Beans.

Meanwhile in the alternate future, Black is infuriated that he is unable to locate Trunks, but vows to find him.

Goku teleports to Korin's Tower and gets a bunch of Senzu Beans. He teleports back to Capsule Corporation where Trunks is given one of the Senzu Beans. Trunks regains consciousness. However, Trunks flies into a rage after seeing Goku, mistaking him for Black, and attacks Goku although Goku blocks the attack. Goku along with everyone present is shocked at Trunks' action.[4]

Trunks attacks Gokū, much to everyone’s shock. Gokū, who blocked the attack, explains to Trunks that it is him. Bulma slaps Trunks on the head, which snaps him out of his rage. Trunks is glad to see Gokū and Vegeta, especially his mother. The Pilaf Gang along with Trunks wonder what is going on; Bulma explains that both Trunks' are hers and Vegeta's sons, except the one Trunks is from an alternate future. Bulma shows the Pilaf Gang and Trunks the Time Machine Future Trunks used.

In the alternate future, Black has looked everywhere for Trunks on the planet and was unable to locate him. Frustrated, Black destroys some buildings to relieve his anger. Black goes near the spot where Trunks used his Time Machine. Suddenly, Black's ring begins reacting and begins opening a dark portal.

In the present, Whis is surprised and impressed that humans managed to create a Time Machine. However, Whis explains that time travel is a serious criminal offense because history should flow in one direction only and going back to change something out alter history's established direction in negative ways, which is why time travel or any form of time manipulation is strictly prohibited even among the gods. Beerus thinks of destroying the Earth for this criminal offense; Trunks wonders who Beerus and Whis are. Trunks explains that Beerus is the Hakaishin with Whis being his attendant. Trunks apologizes to Beerus for time travelling and asks to be punished instead of his mother. Beerus decides to let this criminal offense slide as long as he is given a new and delicious food to eat. Bulma gives Beerus and Whis fish sausage as part of the agreement, to which they thoroughly enjoy. Bulma also gives fish sausages to everyone else.

Kulilin and Piccolo have finished harvesting the cabbage field. Suddenly, Chi-Chi arrives and states that a Time Machine has appeared at Capsule Corporation; Piccolo and Kulilin realize that the Trunks of the future has returned and begin flying to Capsule Corporation. Goten tries to join Piccolo and Kulilin, but Chi-Chi refuses to let him on the grounds that he has to study for a test.

At Capsule Corporation, Bulma investigates the Time Machine and sees that the machine has no fuel left. Bulma becomes annoyed at not being able to figure out the Time Machine's concept and slams on it, causing a memo written by her future counterpart to fall out.

Gokū and Vegeta ask Trunks if the threat that appeared in his timeline was Majin Bū; Trunks explains that Dābura and Babidi did indeed appear. After a long and difficult battle, Trunks killed Dabura and Babidi before they could revive Bū, thus Bū never appeared. However, an even more terrifying enemy called Gokū Black due to his similar appearance to Gokū and black clothes appeared one day and began destroying the human race in the name of justice. Trunks fought Black for a year and never succeeded in subduing him, thus he decided to come to the past for help but in the process his mother was killed. Bulma explains that the memo she found in the Time Machine details the workings and maintenance of the machine. Bulma decides that once she fixes the Time Machine, they should go to the future to fight Gokū Black.

In the meantime, Gokū and Trunks do some sparring, with them transforming into Super Saiyan 2. Gokū is pleased with Trunks' strength and shows him Super Saiyan 3, ending the sparring. Gokū is also impressed that Trunks managed to attain his level of strength all by himself. Kulilin and Piccolo arrive and greet Trunks.

Suddenly, a dark portal opens up in the sky; Black appears from the portal and wonders where he is. Black sees Trunks and then focuses his attention on Gokū.[5] The Dragon Team are shocked at Black's identical appearance to Gokū while Beerus and Whis recognise the ring on Black's finger. Black turns his attention to Gokū and looks forward to fighting him in this body, much to Gokū's confusion. The fight begins with Black blasting Gokū away towards the wasteland. Gokū recovers and transforms into Super Saiyan 2. Gokū and Black fight evenly with the combatants managing to land blows against each other. Gokū wants Black to show his full power, but Black doesn't want to rush things and wants to have more fun. Beerus and Whis, who are watching the fight through the latter's scepter, comment on Black's strength, with Beerus mentioning that although they look similar Black’s ki feels entirely different.

Gokū decides to fight seriously and strikes Black with several hits. However, Black retaliates by throwing Gokū into the ground. Before Black can resume his attack, he is afflicted by the dark distortion from whence he came, causing him to let down his guard and allow Gokū to strike Black with a fierce kick. Even though he is injured, Black is glad since the pain will make him stronger. Black fires a ki blast at Gokū, to which Gokū deflects, but his ki blast was a distraction to make Gokū lower his guard, allowing Black to strike Gokū with a kick, sending Gokū plummeting down to the ground. Soon, Black sees the Time Machine that Trunks travelled in.

Gokū gets back up and attacks the distracted Black with a powerful punch. Black retaliates with a punch of his own to which Gokū blocks. Suddenly, the dark distortion begins pulling Black into it; Black realizes that the space-time distortion is returning to normal. Refusing to allow Trunks to return to the future, Black destroys the Time Machine using a ki blast, much to everyone's shock. Black is sucked into the dark distortion and disappears, with the dark distortion vanishing shortly afterwards.

Whis theorizes that when Trunks used the Time Machine, it created a distortion in time and space; Black's Time Ring responded to that distortion and brought him to the present era. Eventually, the time and space distortion fixed itself and returned to normal along with forcefully sending anyone back to their own era, which is what happened to Black.

In the alternate future, Black has returned. However, the injuries he sustained during his fight with Gokū causes him to fall to the ground. Even though he was being overpowered most of the time, Black is happy that he was able to fight Gokū as he was able to embed his fighting style as his own, which he will use to perfect his power. Although he won't be able to return to the present timeline, Black is glad that Trunks won’t be able to return due to him destroying the Time Machine and laughs in triumphant.

Back in the present, Trunks is distraught over the destruction of his Time Machine as there is now no one in the future who can stop Black. Gokū asks Trunks about the difference in Black's power when he fought him; Trunks answers that Black was stronger, causing Gokū and Vegeta to assume that they are stronger than Black, although Gokū notes that they don’t know Black's full potential.

While the Pilaf Gang extinguish the fire from the Time Machine, Bulma goes to look for something. Meanwhile, Whis explains to the Dragon Team that Black was wearing a Time Ring, a ring that allows the user to travel to the future and then return to the present. However, the problem is that only Kaioshin are allowed to use a Time Ring and Black is not a Kaioshin. Trunks asks Beerus to lend him a Time Ring, but Beerus refuses since he is a Hakaishin and only a Kaioshin has one. Gokū decides to wait for Black to return, but Whis mentions that will be impossible since Black cannot manipulate time himself.

The Pilaf Gang extinguish the fire while Vegeta tells Trunks to not give up. Suddenly, Bulma tells everyone that they still have "hope"; Bulma throws out a capsule, revealing a familiar Time Machine, the same Time Machine Cell used, much to everyone's shock. Meanwhile in the alternate future, Mai's lifeless body is seen, however, her hand twitches.[6]

Bulma shows the Time Machine Cell used to travel back to their era and reveals that she obtained the capsule from Trunks before he left to travel back to the future after the defeat of Cell. Now that she has a Time Machine to work with and her future counterpart's memo, Bulma decides to repair the Time Machine. Gokū decides to go and train, but Whis is not in the mood, so he travels to North Kaiō's planet. However, North Kaiō is not in the mood either.

In the alternate future, Black tests out his power after embedding Gokū's battle style as his own. Black is impressed with the strength he has gained after battling Gokū and wishes to battle him again so that he can increase his own power further.

Back in the present, Brief and Panchy return from their trip. Bulma requests her father's help as well as help from the Pilaf Gang. Before going, Trunks sees Mai and is reminded of her counterpart from the future. While Bulma, Dr. Brief, Shū and Pilaf go to make preparations for the restoration of the Time Machine, the Trunks of the future speaks to Mai about her future counterpart; he explains that Mai from the future spearheads the resistance against Black and always encouraged him whenever the situation was grim. Trunks also remembers Black's motivation for his destruction. During one of the battles, Black explained to Trunks about his massacre of humanity; that mankind is the gods' only failure and he has decided to correct that fault on behalf of the gods who won't admit their failure, so that the Universe can become a perfect paradise. After Mai goes to help with the restoration of the Time Machine, Gokū returns and tells Trunks to take it easy.

Bulma, Dr. Brief, Trunks and the Pilaf Gang start on the restoration of the Time Machine. Meanwhile, Beerus comments on Black's ki signature and feels that he knows Black or has met him somewhere before; the Hakaishin asks Whis to look into the matter.[7] The Pilaf Gang, Bulma, Brief and Trunks begin repairing the Time Machine; Trunks tries to impress Mai while searching for an item but fails to do so. Meanwhile, Vegeta is training and becomes angry at Black for killing most of his family from the future. Whis reviews the recent battle between Gokū and Gokū Black through his scepter. Trunks is sleeping and has a terrible nightmare about Black's destruction. After waking up, Trunks goes to see the restoration of the Time Machine. Bulma tells Trunks that while the repairs on the Time Machine will take a while, she has figured out the energy source needed to power the Time Machine; Blue No. 15 Electro-Fluid, which is the same energy that she has been developing. The energy will take a full day to fill, much to Trunks' surprise since it took half a year to fill it in the future. Bulma tells Trunks to change into a different set of clothes she has left out. Trunks is happy to see the restoration of the Time Machine is progressing smoothly and leaves.

Piccolo and Kulilin are fixing the damage left by Gokū and Black's battle. Trunks sees them and asks how Gohan is doing. Piccolo tells Trunks that the Gohan he knew of isn't the same; Son Gohan has become a scholar and has distanced himself from martial arts. Trunks is glad that Gohan has achieved his dream and still remembers Gohan's death at the hands of the Androids, which enraged him enough to become a Super Saiyan. Trunks is forever thankful for his teachings. Piccolo and Kulilin suggest to Trunks that he should meet with the present Gohan.

Trunks flies to the address that Piccolo gave to him and waits outside. Gohan sees Trunks and is delighted to see him. Trunks is also glad to see Gohan but is surprised at Gohan's regression, shocked that he is speaking to the same Gohan who defeated Cell. After eating ice cream together and chatting for a bit, Gohan takes Trunks to see his family; Mister Satan, Videl and Pan. Trunks spends time with Gohan's family and has dinner with them. After dinner, Trunks thanks Gohan for inviting him and thanks Videl for the food.

Trunks flies back to Capsule Corporation and realizes that although he isn't the same person he knew back before, Trunks is glad that Gohan has a family and is happy. Trunks' resolve to defeat Black is strengthened and wishes to live a happy life like Gohan. Trunks returns to Capsule Corporation and changes into his new clothes. Trunks wonders where Gokū is and finds out from Kulilin that Whis, Beerus and Gokū are traveling to the Tenth Universe because Whis has found someone in the Tenth Universe with the same ki signature as Black.

Somewhere in the Tenth Universe, a green Kaioshin with white hair, silver eyes and orange potara earrings is seen pushing a cart with tea on it.[8]Gokū, Beerus and Whis arrive in the Kaioshin realm of the Tenth Universe. There they meet the Kaiōshins called Zamasu, an apprentice Kaio-shin, and Gowasu, Zamasu's master. Gowasu shows to be a kind-hearted Kaiōshin who loves all creation, while Zamasu despises mortals. Gokū is excited by the idea of fighting a Kaiōshin and so asks Zamasu to spar with him.

Back on Earth in the Seventh Universe, Trunks meets Android No. 18. In Capsule Corporation, Bulma and the Pilaf Gang are working on the restoration of the Time Machine and the restoration is progressing smoothly.

In the Kaioshin Realm of the Tenth Universe, Zamasu gladly accepts Gokū's request to spar. Gokū and Zamasu spar; Gokū transforms into Super Saiyan 2 and begins fighting; Zamasu is able to hold his own for a bit until Gokū starts fighting seriously and overwhelms Zamasu. During the sparring, Zamasu is baffled to learn that he is no match for Gokū while Beerus and Whis realize that ki they had detected from Gokū Black is actually that of Zamasu's. After the sparing is completed, Gokū, Beerus and Whis travel back to the Seventh Universe.[9]

On Earth, Trunks does image training. Meanwhile in Capsule Corporation, the fuel for the Time Machine is ready while the Time Machine itself is almost restored. Gokū, Whis and Beerus return. At breakfast, Whis explains that Zamasu is not connected to Black; Zamasu did not know of Gokū whereas Black instantly recognized Gokū, meaning that Zamasu and Black are two different entities. Although Zamasu and Black's ki signatures are similar, it does not mean that Zamasu is Black due to feeling no evil from Zamasu. Beerus adds that there is a possibility that Zamasu might start having evil intentions, so they shouldn't rule out that possibility. However, Gokū feels that Zamasu isn't evil due to having fought him, which shocks Trunks. Beerus adds that Gokū could easily defeat Zamasu due to him being an apprentice Kaiōshin whereas Gokū has fought stronger beings such as himself. Trunks is shocked at the level of strength Gokū has attained and wonders if there is a need for him to fight. After breakfast, Beerus and Whis leave. Vegeta asks Trunks to go with him.

At the Tenth Universe in the Kaiōshin realm, Zamasu is serving tea to his master, Gowasu. Gowasu is overseeing a planet in the Tenth Universe called Babari. Humanoids have started populating Babari but they are barbaric in nature. Zamasu sees this and thinks that exterminating them is the best option, much to Gowasu's shock who reminds Zamasu that it is the Hakaishin's job to wipe out planets and civilizations. Gowasu is sure that the humanoids of Babari will develop in time but Zamasu is adamant that they will become no different than all the other barbaric mortals he has seen. Gowasu decides they should have a look at Planet Babari's future. Gowasu fetches the Time Ring and they travel to Babari. On Planet Babari, Gowasu explains that only Kaiōshin can use the Time Ring to travel to the future and back to the present; traveling to the past is prohibited. Gowasu temporarily makes Zamasu a Kaiōshin and they travel 1000 years into the future. Gowasu and Zamasu reach Babari's future and see that a small culture and civilization has formed. However, the humanoids are still barbaric in nature. Zamasu was correct in his assumption and starts believing that as long as mortals exist, there will never truly be peace.

Back on Earth, Trunks and Vegeta prepare to spar; Trunks transforms into Super Saiyan 2 while Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan Blue. Trunks is astounded at Vegeta's transformation, overwhelmed by its pressure and is unable to sense his ki. Vegeta decides to give Trunks a handicap; if he lands a single hit on him, he wins. Trunks and Vegeta battle, but Trunks is outmatched in every given way and is getting beat like a ragdoll. Gokū, who sensed Vegeta and Trunks' ki teleports himself and Bulma to watch the training. Vegeta smashes Trunks into a rock, causing Trunks to revert back to normal. Trunks realizes that he does not need to become stronger to defeat Black since Gokū and Vegeta have the strength to defeat him. Angry, Vegeta grabs Trunks and admonishes his son for only getting stronger to defeat Black; Vegeta tells his son that there are stronger foes in the universe and if he is truly a Saiyan and his son, then he should strive to not lose to anyone. Bulma tries to stop Vegeta, but Gokū reminds her that there is no need to worry. After Vegeta reverts back to normal, Trunks headbutts, thus winning. Trunks tells his father that he will surpass him and Black. Vegeta walks away while Trunks bows to his father, thanking him for rejuvenating his determination and drive to become stronger.

On Beerus' Planet, Whis prepares dinner for Beerus. Whis' scepter begins shining, indicating a transmission. Beerus answers the scepter; the scepter shows a transmission from the Zenō, much to Beerus' surprise. Beerus bows before the Zenō while Whis greets him. The Zenō contacted them because he wanted to speak to them about something; the Zenō requests to meet with Gokū, much to Beerus and Whis's shock.[10]

Gokū travels to Beerus' Planet where he is informed that he has been summoned by The Zen’ō. Although Gokū doesn't want to go due to the Time Machine being nearly repaired, Beerus forces Gokū to go and tells him not to inform the the Zen’ō about Gokū Black. Gokū and Whis travel to fetch East Kaiōshin who instantly teleports them to the the Zen’ō's Palace where they meet the Grand Priest.

Back on Earth, the Time Machine is ready for testing.

In the future of the Tenth Universe on Planet Babari, Zamasu and Gowasu watch the Babarians who have developed a social structure but are still aggressive. One of the brutal Babarians try to attack Gowasu, but Zamasu intervenes. Angry, Zamasu kills the Babarian, much to Gowasu's disdain. Zamasu and Gowasu return to the present where Zamasu gives back Gowasu his Potara. Gowasu scolds Zamasu for killing the Babarian as that mortal might have played an important role in revolutionizing Planet Babari.

At the Zen’ō's Palace, the Grand Priest takes Gokū, Whis and East Kaiōshin to The Zen’ō. Inside the throne room, the Zen’ō is happy to see Gokū and asks him to be friends with him so that they can play together. Gokū tells the Zen’ō that he is more than happy to be friends with him but is unable to play with him now due to being busy and promises to play with him next time as well as bring a better friend. Happy, the Zen’ō gives Gokū a device that will summon him to Gokū. Whis. Gokū and East Kaiōshin leave the the Zen’ō's Palace. After dropping off East Kaiōshin, Gokū and Whis travel back to Beerus' Planet.

In the Tenth Universe in the Kaiōshin realm, Zamasu makes tea for Gowasu. Zamasu still thinks mortals are foolish and violent beings who waste the precious gods' gift of knowledge and is ashamed that he is not allowed to bring justice himself as he is forced to watch over them. Gowasu tells Zamasu that justice is about balance between good and evil; mortals need to tread on the evil path before their good side leads them on the right path, which creates justice. Gowasu teaches Zamasu that mortals must learn from their mistakes in order to properly use the knowledge given to them in order to become better and reminds Zamasu that even them, gods, are not perfect creatures either.

Back on Earth in the Seventh Universe, the time Machine is finished at last. Trunks, Gokū and Vegeta travel to the future in the Time Machine.

In the alternate future, Gokū, Vegeta and Trunks arrive. After putting the Time Machine back in a capsule, Trunks rushes over to a cap that belonged to Mai but her body is nowhere to be found. Gokū explores the ruined city. Suddenly, missiles fire upon Gokū.[11]Trunks blocks the missiles that were aimed at Gokū. The two soldiers who were firing identify Trunks and apologize to him as they thought Gokū was Black. The two soldiers assume that Gokū and Vegeta are the reinforcements, much to Trunks' confusion since only he, his mother and Mai know about the Time Machine. Trunks realizes that Mai is probably alive and asks the two soldiers to take him to her.

Trunks, Gokū and Vegeta arrive at the resistance's new base (after the old one was destroyed by Black). Trunks and Mai reunite. Afterwards, Mai takes Trunks, Gokū and Vegeta to the shelter that is housing the remaining humans. Vegeta takes out a capsule and throws it, revealing a long table with delicious food for the humans to eat; Vegeta then gives Mai a capsule box filled with capsules that will give many wonderful items. Gokū looks at someone and recognizes that the person is Yaijirobe. Yajirobe is surprised to see Gokū while Gokū wonders how he survived. Yajirobe tells him that Korin gave him the last Senzu Bean and sacrificed himself to save him. Trunks wonders why Yajirobe doesn't fight with the resistance, causing one of the soldiers to comment that he hides whenever there is fighting and only shows up when there is food, causing everyone to laugh.

Outside, Mai thanks Gokū and Vegeta for uplifting the gloomy atmosphere. Vegeta declares that he will fight and defeat Black, causing Gokū and Vegeta to get into a rock-paper-scissors match in which Vegeta wins, allowing him to fight first.

Trunks, Gokū and Vegeta fly off to find Black. Meanwhile, Black overlooks from a building the destruction he caused and is glad that the extinction of the Earthling are nearly complete, happy that he is nearing is goal. Suddenly, Black sees a ki blast in the sky. Below, Vegeta fired the ki blast to indicate to Black that they are here. Black arrives, causing Vegeta to transform into Super Saiyan Blue but Black is not intimidated in the slightest. Black is impressed with Vegeta's transformation and appears before him at blinding speed, much to Vegeta's shock. Black continues by saying that he is a mere mortal even with the power of a god; Vegeta steps back and assumes that Black has grown stronger since his fight with Gokū in the present. Vegeta attacks Black, beginning their fight.

Seeing someone with his face getting hit by Vegeta, Gokū comments that he understands the pain Vegeta felt when he was hitting someone identical to him on Planet Portafeu. Vegeta continues his assault on Black. However, Black isn't damaged at all, causing Vegeta to stop his assault. Black dusts off himself and kicks Vegeta, which damages the Super Saiyan Blue prince. Vegeta recovers; Black is surprised that a mortal was able to reach this level of power. As a reward, Black decides that he will show them something.

Black begins powering up and transforms into Super Saiyan Rosé, a Super Saiyan transformation that gives Black pink hair and power rivaling that of Super Saiyan Blue. Black thanks Gokū for helping him reach this level of strength and beauty, although Gokū doesn't understand what Black is talking about. Vegeta is annoyed that Black is ignoring him,. However, Black tells Vegeta that his time is already up. Vegeta attacks him, but Black dodges and hits Vegeta who blocks the attack. Black tries shrugging off Vegeta, only to be met with a flurry of punches from Vegeta. Vegeta prepares to land a powerful punch. Suddenly, Vegeta is pierced in the chest by Black energy beam sword. Black warned Vegeta that his time was already up and for not listening to him he now has to pay the price. Black comments that Vegeta was nothing more than a warm up. Black withdraws his energy sword while Vegeta growls in pain. Vegeta transforms back to normal and smashes into the ground. While Trunks goes to attend to Vegeta, Gokū transforms into Super Saiyan Blue.

Gokū and Black fight evenly, but Black begins overpowering Gokū. After Gokū smashes into the ground and gets up, Black prepares to finish the Saiyan trio off with a Kamehameha. Suddenly, a voice from the sky above stops Black. The voice belongs to Zamasu, much to Trunks, Gokū and Vegeta's shock. Zamasu lands next to Gokū Black, causing Trunks to comment that Black and Zamasu are not the same person. Zamasu remembers Gokū as he promised and will kill Gokū.[12]

Gokū, Trunks and Vegeta are shocked that Black and Zamasu are not the same entity. Zamasu states his desire to create a universe without mortals. As Vegeta falls unconscious, Gokū refuses to allow Zamasu to wipe out the mortals and attacks him. Gokū initially holds his own against Zamasu but once Black intervenes, Gokū is overwhelmed. Before Black and Zamasu attack Gokū, Trunks attacks Zamasu. Gokū fights Black while Trunks fights Zamasu. Gokū is able to hold his own against Black for a short period of time until Black starts overwhelming him. Meanwhile, Trunks has a slight upper hand against Zamasu and manages to stab him. However, Zamasu instantly heals from his stab wound. Trunks uses a Final Flash against Zamasu and it hits him. However, Zamasu emerges unscathed from the Final Flash with not an injury in sight.

Zamasu comments on his immortal body and revels in delight over having his invincible body. Zamasu thanks the Saiyan for their meaningless strength as it has allowed him to attain this immortal body. Gokū appears before Trunks to back him up as Zamasu states that the Saiyans are powerless before the might of the gods. Black prepares to fire a Kamehameha at Gokū and Trunks. Gokū and Trunks attempt evading, but Zamasu grabs and holds them. Black fires his Kamehameha at Gokū, Trunks and Zamasu which strikes them. Zamasu is unscathed while Gokū and Trunks are badly injured by Black's Kamehameha.

Black and Zamasu decide to finish off Gokū and Trunks. They combine their ki blasts and prepare to fire. Suddenly, a ki blast disrupts Black and Zamasu's attempt. The ki blast came from Vegeta, who awoke from his unconsciousness. However, Vegeta falls unconscious once more. During that distraction, Gokū and Trunks disappeared. Zamasu thinks it was not possible for Trunks and Gokū to escape and even if they did they won't be far away. Zamasu and Black decide to finish off Vegeta. Behind the rubble, Mai and the Resistance prepare to attack.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Yajirobe saved the unconscious Gokū and Trunks. As Black and Zamasu prepare to finish off Vegeta, the Resistance create a smokescreen which allows Mai to rescue Vegeta. Mai catches up to Yajirobe while Gokū and Trunks awaken. Seeing that they cannot win and thinking surviving is the better option, Mai throws out a capsule which reveals the Time Machine. Gokū, Trunks and Vegeta (courtesy of Mai) get into the Time Machine while Mai sets the coordinates for the present. As the Time Machine starts traveling to the present, Trunks begs Mai to come with, but Mai would rather stay with her comrades and believes that they must survive no matter what.

Black and Zamasu attempt locating the Saiyan trio's ki signatures but are not having luck. Suddenly, they sense their ki and fly towards the source which is the Time Machine, but the Time Machine travels back to the present. Zamasu is not angry that the Saiyans got away and knows that they will be back. However, Zamasu states the difference is that the Saiyans will return to a utopia created by him and will be destroyed by his hands.

In the present on Earth at Capsule Corporation, the Time Machine lands with Gokū, Vegeta and Trunks falling out of it, badly injured and defeated. Trunks, Bulma and the Pilaf Gang rush to help the Saiyan trio.

Meanwhile in Universe Ten at the Kaiō realm, Gowasu is watching GodTube; the video he is watching is the final match of the Sixth and Seventh Universe Tournament, Gokū vs Hit. Zamasu brings Gowasu his tea and sits down to watch. Zamasu is angered that Gokū has managed to attain the divine ki of the gods. During the video, Zamasu sees the Super Dragon Balls in the background and becomes interested in them. Zamasu wonders what the Super Dragon Balls are, to which Gowasu replies that they can seemingly grant any wish and doesn't know anymore than that since this is the first time he has seen the Super Dragon Balls.

On Zunō's Planet, an attendant is blown away by a visitor. The visitor is none other than Zamasu. Zamasu asks Zunō to tell him everything about the Super Dragon Balls.[13]Zamasu forces Zunō to tell him everything about the Super Dragon Balls. Zunō begins explaining about the creation of the Super Dragon Balls until Zamasu stops him and forces him to specifically tell him how to use the Super Dragon Balls. Zunō explains that Zamasu must collect the seven Super Dragon Balls scattered across the Sixth and Seventh Universes, gather them together and chant the words that will summon Super Shenron who will grant one wish; after the wish is granted, the Super Dragon Balls will disperse amongst the Sixth and Seventh Universes. Zamasu demands the location of the Super Dragon Balls. However, Zunō tells Zamasu that the Super Dragon Balls have recently being used and require one year to work again. Seeing that he has no choice but to wait, Zamasu forces Zunō to tell him the location of each Super Dragon Ball in the meantime and also wants to know more about Gokū.

On Earth, Bulma gives Gokū, Vegeta and Future Senzu Beans which heals them. Bulma scolds Gokū for leaving the Senzu Beans behind, to which Gokū apologizes. Gokū, Vegeta and Trunks' explain to Bulma, Trunks and the Pilaf Gang about what occured; Black has a new transformation that surpasses Super Saiyan Blue called Super Saiyan Rose and Zamasu appeared as well except he is immortal.

Later that evening, Trunks explains to Mai that her future counterpart is still alive and promises to defeat Black and Zamasu. Beerus, Whis and East Kaiōshin appear. East Kaiōshin tells Gokū that he was contacted by Zuno and that Zamasu forced him to answer questions about the Super Dragon Balls and Gokū himself. Gokū tells Beerus, Whis and East Kaiōshin about Zamasu being immortal and Black gaining the powerful Super Saiyan Rose transformation. Having learned about Zuno's meeting with Zamasu and Gokū's trip to the future, Whis hypothesizes that Zamasu needs power to assert his justice; Gokū believes that Zamasu needs the Super Dragon Balls to require this power and thinks that Zamasu wished to create Gokū Black. Whis confirms that Gokū's hypothesis is correct, much to the shock of the Dragon Team as they are surprised Gokū used his brain for once. Whis also believes that the alternate future Zamasu wished to create a copy of Gokū due to the interest he garnered from him during their bout. Then, Zamasu waited another year to wish for immortality; with the power of Gokū Black and immortality, Zamasu could begin asserting his justice. Whis believes this conjecture is how Zamasu managed to attain his power in Trunks' alternate future. Knowing that Zamasu is not the one to be patient, Beerus believes that Zamasu used the Time Ring twice to leap one year into the future to use the Super Dragon Balls. However, in order to use the Time Rings, one needs to be a full Kaiōshin. Whis believes that Zamasu killed Gowasu in order to become a full Kaiōshin so that he could use the Time Rings. However, it is still a mystery as to how Black can use a Time Ring and why his ki is similar to Zamasu. Gokū decides to check on the present Zamasu with Whis agreeing since he wants to check on Gowasu's safety; East Kaiōshin volunteers to take them as long as they act peacefully since the present Zamasu hasn't done anything wrong yet.

In the alternate future, Mai and Yajirobe managed to retreat and return to the Resistance hideout. However, the Resistance fighters' morale is severally low after hearing about Trunks's and the other Saiyans defeat; Mai tries boosting their morale with the knowledge that Trunks, Gokū and Vegeta will return and they need to hold out as long as possible.

Gokū, Beerus, Whis and East Kaiōshin arrive in the Kaiōshin Realm's Tenth Universe and meet with Gowasu. They are happy that Gowasu is safe. Beerus asks where Zamasu is, to whuch Gowasu replies that he doesn't know. Beerus then asks if Zamasu has had any doubts; Gowasu admits that for quite some time Zamasu has been questioning about the role of gods, good and evil as well as his sense of justice. However, Gowasu has been helping Zamasu with these doubts and along with understanding his role as a Kaiōshin, Zamasu has attained enlightenment. Suddenly, Zamasu arrives with tea.[14]

As Zamasu gives Gowasu his tea, Whis explains that they came to deliver them gifts; a food called great fortune from Earth. Gokū and his company then leave. While traveling, Whis stops; Beerus explains that he and Whis felt killing intent from Zamasu. However, they need evidence to prove that Zamasu is evil. Therefore, Gokū, Whis, Beerus and East Kaioshin watch Zamasu and Gowasu from Whis's scepter.

In the alternate future, Gokū Black and Zamasu converse. Black states that he will become even stronger and that his unlimited potential is necessary for their plan. Zamasu finds the plan to be ironic; that they need the powers of a human to achieve the Zero Humans Plan. In the resistance hideout, Mai reaffirms her resolve to protect the remaining humans after seeing the children's smiles.

In the present on Earth, Vegeta is training while Bulma fixes the Time Machine. In Capsule Corporation's garden, the adult Trunks is moping. Before Pilaf and Shu can convince Mai to cheer up the future Trunks, the present Trunks himself appears before his future counterpart and is disappointed with him. Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan and punches the future Trunks, telling him to fight him in order to prove that he is a true Saiyan.

In the Tenth Universe on the Kaiōshin Realm, Gowasu is thoroughly enjoying his green tea and great fortune. Meanwhile, Gokū's company continues watching Zamasu and Gowasu from afar, with Beerus being certain that Zamasu intends to kill Gowasu. Zamasu gets up and stands next to Gowasu while telling his mentor that he was correct about humanity eventually realizing their mistakes; Gowasu is pleased to hear Zamasu's understanding. As Gowasu prepares to drink his tea, Zamasu strikes Gowasu's back which kills him. Now that they have evidence, Whis immediately rewinds time, saving Gowasu.

Zamasu strikes Gowasu's back, but his strike doesn't kill him. Gowasu asks Zamasu about the kitten glove he is wearing. Zamasu is shocked and steps back, only to find that Beerus is behind him. Gowasu is surprised that Gokū's company has returned so quickly. Beerus informs Gowasu that Zamasu attempted to murder him. Whis shows Gowasu the proof; he removes Zamasu's glove which reveals an energy blade meant to kill Gowasu. Gowasu is appalled and demands an explanation from Zamasu. East Kaioshin explains that Zamasu wanted to kill Gowasu so that he could take the Time Ring and without Gowasu, no one would be able to hinder his plans which are to attain immortality, create a fake Goku and eradicate humanity. Gowasu asks why Zamasu is doing this; Zamasu seeks the justice of wiping out evil.

Zamasu expresses surprise that Gokū's company was able to figure out his plan; Gokū explains that he went to the future and that his future counterpart has attained immortality, create a fake him and is eradicating humanity. Zamasu is pleased that he did achieve his dream. Seeing that he will succeed, Zamasu resolves to not dying and strikes Gokū with his energy blade. However, Beerus stops Zamasu's attack and completely destroys Zamasu with one attack.

In the Seventh Universe, Trunks and the future Trunks have been fighting. The future Trunks decides to stop fighting as he has been cheered up and understands his present counterpart; win, no matter who the enemy is. Suddenly, Whis, Gokū and Beerus return. The future Trunks is surprised to learn that Beerus killed Zamasu. Beerus explains that with Zamasu gone, the world of Future Trunks is back to normal. However, the bigger Trunks is skeptical as when he destroyed the androids the future didn't change. Beerus explains that if a god eliminates another god, there is no way that the space-time will remain as it is. Gokū assures Trunks that the future has returned to normal, with Trunks hoping that the future is back to normal.[15]

Trunks is skeptical that the present Zamasu's destruction has reverted his future back to normal and wants to go back to his future to confirm whether it is back to normal or not. Beerus is annoyed that Trunks doesn't believe him. Bulma decides that they all should have a feast before Trunks departs. After the feast, Beerus insists that the future is back to normal while the present Trunks agrees with him. Trunks explains to his present counterpart that the timelines they come from are completely different; they are alternate such as Android No. 18 being married in the present timeline while the Android 18 in his timeline was a ruthless killer. It is because of these differences is why Trunks doesn't believe that his timeline has changed. However, Trunks is hoping that Beerus's actions have caused a miracle to occur and thanks Beerus for giving him hope. Satisfied with Trunks' respect, Beerus tells him to go. Gokū and Vegeta decide to go with Trunks; Bulma reveals that she is also going with since she wants to see the future herself. Bulma gives Gokū the Senzu and gives Trunks' repaired jacket. Bulma, Gokū, Vegeta and Trunks enter the Time Machine and head to the future. The present Trunks wishes his future counterpart good luck.

Gokū and co. arrive in the future. However, the future has not changed at all much to Trunks' sadness. At their sanctuary, Gokū Black and Zamasu detect Gokū and Vegeta's ki signatures. After Trunks gives Bulma the Time Machine's capsule, a soldier sees Trunks and gives him an update; Mai has been badly injured while trying to save people. Gokū, Vegeta, Bulma and Trunks head to the Resistance hideout and see Mai. Trunks gives Mai a Senzu, which heals her and saves her life. Trunks is relieved that Mai is alive and well. Bulma gives the Resistance capsules that contain tons of food and water. Suddenly, Gokū and Vegeta feel the ki's of Zamasu and Black.

Gokū and co. go to meet Black and Zamasu. Zamasu welcomes back the Saiyans. Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan Blue while Black transforms into Super Saiyan Rosé. Vegeta and Black have a brief scuffle. Vegeta declares that he is fighting to save the future, to which Black finds to be un Saiyan-like. Gokū knows about Zamasu's plan to use the Super Dragon Balls to wish for immortality and create a fake him.

However, Black reveals he is not a fake Gokū created by the Super Dragon Balls, which surprises Gokū, Vegeta and Trunks. Black explains that his body is the genuine Gokū's actual body. Black says that the heart beating within his body belongs to him, Zamasu. Black further explains that with the first wish he made to the Super Dragon Balls, he and the actual Gokū switched bodies. This body switch revelation shocks Gokū, Vegeta and Trunks.

Gokū asks Black what happened to the Goku whose body was stolen. Black reveals that he murdered the Gokū whose body was stolen with his new body.[16]Gokū Black reveals that he is Zamasu who stole Gokū's body. Zamasu reveals that he is the future counterpart of Zamasu from the past. Gokū is unable to understand why Zamasu survived Beerus' destruction. Black tells the Saiyan trio that the Time Ring he obtained from killing Gowasu protects him from him alterations. Black and Zamasu fire a Cooperation Kikōha, ut Gokū, Vegeta and Trunks protect themselves by transforming into Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan respectively. Gokū tries fighting the immortal Zamasu, but he and Black block Gokū's efforts and send him smashing into the ground. In order to carry out his justice, Black needed someone who understood him completely; meaning him. After killing Gowasu in his timeline and stealing Gokū's body, Black went to the future and killed Gowasu, then convinced the future Zamasu to join him in carrying out his justice. Afterwards, the future Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls to become immortal. Black and Zamasu reveal that they destroyed the future's Super Dragon Balls so that they can never be used again, which shocks the Saiyan trio. Then, Black killed all of the gods so that he and Zamasu became the only ones with power in order to enact the Zero Humans Plan. The Zero Humans Plan involves killing all the humans in the universe so that the universe will become a peaceful paradise uninfluenced by the repugnant humans.

Black and Zamasu begin fighting with Gokū, Vegeta and Trunks. However, the Saiyan trio are overwhelmed by Black and Zamasu's might. Black tells Gokū about how he used the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with him and then killed him along with Chi-Chi and Goten. Black pierces Zamasu so that he can pierce Gokū as well. However, Gokū breaks free of Black's energy sword attack, now furious for what Black did to his family. Gokū's anger along with his Super Saiyan Blue transformation allows him to briefly overwhelm Black and Zamasu. However, Black and Zamasu's invincible bodies do not sustain any severe damage. Black retaliates by piercing Gokū's body with multiple energy blades. Gokū transforms back to normal and land on the ground, badly injured and knocked out. Vegeta and Trunks attempt to help Gokū, but Zamasu stops them. Trunks decides to deal with Black even if it costs him his life. Black tells Trunks that the main reason he is carrying out the massacre of the humans is because of him. Black and Zamasu know that Trunks used the Time Machine repeatedly to change the past and as a result, he created the situation he is now in. Black and Zamasu blame Trunks for defiling the taboo of time travel and as a result they have decided to murder all humans because of Trunks' sin.

Trunks attacks Black in rage as he only wanted to save everyone, only to fail while Vegeta tries attacking Zamasu but has no effect. Black injures Trunks with a ki blast, which causes him to fall onto the ground. Black and Zamasu reiterate that time travel is a special privilege meant only for the gods which is why it is Trunks' fault for their actions.

Suddenly, Trunks becomes embroiled in rage and powers up immensely, which catches Black, Zamasu and Vegeta's attention. Trunks becomes surrounded by yellow and blue aura and his eyes turn white. The empowered Trunks vows to kill Black.[17]Trunks' rage has increased his power greatly. Using this power, Trunks is able to hold off Black. However, Black still has the upper hand in the battle. Trunks' advantage is nullified when Zamasu starts working together with Black and they overwhelm him. Black and Zamasu fire a combined ki blast, but Trunks is able to destroy the ki blast. Vegeta attempts to help only to be knocked down by two Zamasu. Seeing that the battle isn't in their favor, Trunks launches a barrage of ki blasts onto Black and Zamasu in order to hold them off. Trunks asks Vegeta to use the Time Machine to go back into the past. Mai is given the bag of Senzu and vows to protect Trunks. Bulma, Vegeta and Gokū get into the Time Machine and begin traveling back to the past. Black attempts to destroy the Time Machine but Trunks blocks him off which allows the Time Machine to successfully go back to the past. Black and Zamasu are not concerned with their escape as they will return. The enraged Trunks prepares to fight Black and Zamasu.

The Time Machine returns to the present. Gokū is taken to get his wounds attended to while Bulma begins scolding Beerus for being incorrect about the future changing. Refusing to admit fault, Beerus says that he expected the future not changing. Before Bulma can scold further, Vegeta stops her as they need to think of a way to defeat Black and Zamasu. Vegeta explains to Beerus and Whis that all the gods in the alternate future are dead, leaving only Black and Zamasu as the remaining gods. Vegeta also explains that Black is actually Zamasu from the present; he stole Gokū's body and then went to the future to team up with the Zamasu from the future who got an invulnerable body. Seeing that all the mysteries have been unraveled, Beerus decides to leave and return home, letting the Dragon Team handle the rest since he disposed of the Zamasu from their timeline; whatever happens in other timelines is of no concern to him. Beerus and Whis leave, much to Bulma's anger. Vegeta goes inside Capsule Corporation to think. Trunks goes to wake up Goten.

Meanwhile, Chi-Chi is asking Kulilin where Gokū is as she wants to give him a hoard of food that Gohan is currently carrying. Chi-Chi then sees Trunks and Goten flying and follows them. At Capsule Corporation, Bulma refuses to allow Goten and Trunks to go to the future. Chi-Chi shows up after following Goten and Trunks and asks Bulma where Gokū is. Gokū arrives outside, having been bandaged and is hungry, much to Chi-Chi's relief. Piccolo and Kulilin arrive and learn that Black hasn't been defeated.

Inside Capsule Corporation, Gokū eats the food Chi-Chi made for him while Bulma explains the entire situation to Gohan, Chi-Chi, Piccolo and Kulilin; that Black is Zamasu who stole Gokū's body and then teamed up with his future counterpart who has given an immortal body so that they can carry out their extermination of humanity. They are shocked to learn that Gokū and Vegeta have lost twice; Vegeta explains that Black's power increases all the time while Zamasu has an invulnerable body and worse is that since they are the same entity they can fight in perfect sinc which makes them even more deadly. Since they cannot beat them in a proper fight, Gokū and Vegeta came back to the present to figure out a way to defeat Black and Zamasu. Piccolo suggests using the Mafūba, a technique that was used to seal away Demon King Piccolo; since Gokū and Vegeta were able to hold them off, the Mafūba should work on them and successfully seal them away. Bulma says that the Time Machine will be ready in less than half a day. Agreeing with the strategy, Vegeta goes to the Room of Spirit and Time to train, deciding that Black and Zamasu will be sealed away after he has paid them back for all they did. Before Piccolo can show the Mafūba technique, Gokū uses Instantaneous Movement and goes to see Muten Roshi.

Muten Roshi teaches Gokū the Mafūba technique. Gokū practises the Mafūba on Turtle multiple times only to fail. Eventually, Gokū successfully manages to use the Mafūba on Turtle which puts him in the pot. Muten Roshi tells Gokū that after using the Mafūba successfully, all he has to do is put a lid on the pot, tie the pot up and place a talisman on the pot which will complete the seal. Muten Roshi goes to make the talisman.

In the Tenth Universe in the Kaioshin realm, Gowasu is shocked that the future did not change after Zamasu's death. Beerus orders Gowasu to keep quiet, to which Whis explains to Gowasu that Beerus has an uncharacteristic amount of responsibility for his fault since everyone has been scolding him for his mistake. Gowasu decides that he will take responsibility and deal with Zamasu since he is his apprentice.[18]

At Capsule Corporation, Bulma has loaded fresh fuel into the Time Machine. Vegeta finishes his training in the Room of Spirit and Time and his increased power destroys the temple. The Saiyan Prince flies back to Capsule Corporation. Goku has finished his preparations for the Mafuba technique and uses Instantaneous Movement to head back to Capsule Corporation.

In the future, Trunks is resting in the Resistance base after being saved by Yaijirobe. Trunks wonders where Mai is, to which Yaijirobe informs him that Mai has found Black and Zamasu's hideout and she has gone there to put an end to their reign of terror as she felt responsible for what happened to him. At their hideout, Black and Zamasu are quite pleased with the progression of their plans; Black will eventually become the ultimate warrior after defeating Goku which will put an end to all time space alterations and the Zero Mortals Plan is almost complete. At a far distance, Mai prepares to shoot with an energy bullet left by Future Bulma. As Black anticipates Goku and Vegeta's arrival, he is shot by Mai. However, Mai's sniping misses its target and only grazes Black's potara earing. Mai and her two fellow soldiers start running away as Black and Zamasu fire a combined ki blast at their attempted assailants. Sudden;y, Trunks appears in his Super Saiyan transformation and blocks the combined ki blast, saving Mai.

As Mai and the soldiers begin retreating, Trunks uses his awakened power and starts fighting Black and Zamasu. After blasting away Zamasu, Trunks manages to overpower Black, although Black still puts put a formidable resistance. After getting Black to lower his guard by using his sword as a decoy, Trunks fires a powerful Garlic Gun that blows Black away. With Black seemingly dealt with, Trunks gets his sword, only to confront Zamasu. Trunks starts fighting Zamasu but is struggling. Mai's intervention makes Zamasu lower his guard, allowing Trunks to get away from him. As Zamasu prepares to strike, Trunks dodges and grabs hold of the immortal. Trunks prepares to try and destroy Zamasu, but Black appears from behind and stabs Trunks with his energy blade, causing Trunks to return to normal and fall to the ground.

Suddenly, the Time Machine appears. Goku, Vegeta and Bulma exit from the Time Machine. However, Black and Zamasu appears before them and Black fires a ki blast at the Time Machine which damages it. As Black, Zamasu and Vegeta taunt each other, Mai finds Trunks to give him aid. Goku remembers that he left the urn inside the damaged Time Machine, much to Vegeta's annoyance. The Saiyan duo begin arguing with each other but they stop and decide to defeat Black and Zamasu with their fists.

Before the fighting begins, Gowasu and East Kaioshin from the past arrive which shocks Black and Zamasu. Gowasu expresses his disappointment and is ashamed at what Zamasu (now Black) has become. Gowasu demands to know the reason for his actions. Black replies that by killing all humans, true beauty will be unveiled and never told him of his plans since no one would understand his ideals. Goku wonders why Whis isn't in the future; East Kaioshin explains that when the Haikaishin dies, the angel being Whis dies as well. Black and Zamasu fire Ki blasts respectively at Gowasu, but Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan Blue transformations block the attacks. Gowasu implores Black to reverse the mayhem he has caused with the Dragonballs, but Black states that he destroyed them, which shocks Gowasu. Goku tells the Kaioshins to leave, but Gowasu would rather stay and bear witness to his foolish student's destruction. East Kaioshin decides to stay as well.

The fight begins with Vegeta battling Black and Goku battling Zamasu. Unlike his previous bouts with Black, Vegeta is able to hold himself against Black this time and is able to land several blows on Black which surprises Zamasu. Goku is also able to hold his own against Zamasu. Meanwhile, Bulma throws out a capsule which creates a garage so that she can repair the Time Machine. Mai and Trunks appear, much to Bulma's relief to see her son alive. Trunks prepares to fix the sealing urn with super glue.

Meanwhile, Black and Vegeta engage in heated fist to fist combat. Black attempts to strike Vegeta with his energy blade, but Vegeta blocks it. Black doesn't understand why Vegeta has become so powerful. As Black takes a beating, Vegeta explains that the body he possess can only be used to its fullest potential by its original host, Goku. As such, a fake like him can never use the Saiyan cells to their full potential. Vegeta smashes Black into the ground and then headbutts him. Black has been injured. Vegeta concludes that Black is a fake Saiyan and he is a true Saiyan prince which is why he will emerge victorious.[19]

Vegeta's explosive power overwhelms Black. Vegeta continues beating Black with multiple punches and kicks. Zamasu attempts to go and help Black, but Gokū reminds him that he is fighting him. Vegeta launches a powerful ki blast at Black. However, Black shrugs off Vegeta's attack and begins laughing. Black has realized what has made Vegeta so powerful; Vegeta's anger has given him more strength which is something he overlooked. By making himself angry, Black turns his energy blade into an energy scythe. Black slashes the energy scythe at Vegeta, but the Saiyan Prince easily dodges Black's attack. Although he wasn't hit by the attack, Vegeta is surprised to see that Black's scythe has opened a rift in the sky; Black himself comments that even he doesn't know what he did. Zamasu marvels at the power Black has obtained through anger.

Suddenly, Zamasu is hit in the face by Gokū and is knocked down. Zamasu gets up and is not deterred by Gokū's strength. Black and Vegeta clash with Gokū and Zamasu clashing. A huge dust cloud is created from the clashes. Mai is overseeing the battle and is shocked that Zamasu is approaching them. Mai informs Bulma and Trunks whom the latter has fixed the urn. Bulma decides that Trunks will use the Demon Sealing Wave on Zamasu.

Meanwhile, Gokū and Vegeta are confronted by Black clones that were created from the rifts Black created. Gokū and Vegeta destroy the Black clones but more are created as they are destroyed. Gokū attempts to use Instantaneous Movement to reach Trunks but is unable to locate his ki signature due to the rifts caused by Black. Black announces that he and Zamasu will fight fairly after Zamasu has killed Bulma, Trunks and Mai.

Zamasu is approaching and Bulma goes to stall Zamasu by charming him while Trunks learns the Demon Sealing Wave from a video on Bulma's phone. Bulma's attempts to stall Zamasu fail miserably and Zamasu's glare knocks her out unconscious. Zamasu grabs hold of her while Trunks and Mai have arrived. Trunks seeing Bulma being grabbed by Zamasu reminds him of how Black murdered his mother; Trunks transforms into his enhanced Super Saiyan transformation and performs the Demon Sealing Wave on Zamasu. Trunks and Mai tell Zamasu to never underestimate the mortal as a shocked Zamasu is sucked into the arn and Mai closes the urn. With Zamasu in the urn, Bulma is revealed to be fine. Bulma asks Mai to seal the urn with the amulet. However, there was no amulet in the Time Machine because Gokū forgot to bring the amulet that Muten Rōshi made.

Bulma, Trunks and Mai attempt to hold Zamasu in the urn but to no avail. Zamasu breaks free but the surprise trap by the mortals has left him uneasy. Black wonders why Zamasu's energy disappears and reappears and uses Instantaneous Movement to go to him. Due to Black leaving, the Black clones disappear, allowing Gokū to use Instantaneous Movement to teleport him and Vegeta to Trunks.

Black appears before Zamasu while Gokū and Vegeta appear before Bulma, Trunks and Mai. Zamasu tells Black that they have underestimated the mortals and if they are to uphold their ideals, they must fight seriously. With the two gods in agreement, Black and Zamasu decide to use the Potara earrings. Zamasu places his Potara earring in his right ear, which glows and causes Black's left Potara to glow. Black and Zamasu begin merging and a bright light illuminates.

Out of the light, a fused being is born. The fused being is wearing Zamasu's clothing but is coloured in grey and dark like Black's clothing. He has Zamasu's face but Black's hair style. The fused Black and Zamasu tell the mortals to revere the most powerful god.[20]The fused Zamasu gloats over his god-like strength and creates a halo behind his back. Zamasu starts firing ki blasts, but Goku and Vegeta hold him off while Trunks gets Bulma and Mai to safety. However, Zamasu uses Blades of Judgement to stop their attempt. Zamasu's attack forces the Resistance and the civilians to evacuate the underground. The Resistance see Zamasu's grand appearance and decide not to fight him while Yaijarobe knows that Goku will do something to save them. Goku and Vegeta get up from Zamasu's attack while Gowasu and East Kaioshin check to see if they are all right. Goku and Vegeta are surprised at Zamasu's absurd power while Gowasu and East Kaioshin comment that the fused Zamasu has become a god so powerful that he is now beyond even their understanding; they also state that the fusion has also expanded Zamasu's power to no end. Although they don't have a plan, Goku and Vegeta know that they must defeat the fused Zamasu somehow. Meanwhile, Trunks gets Bulma and Mai to safety. While Bulma goes to work on fixing the Time Machine, Trunks prepares to join the fight but not before Mai gives him the Senzu Beans.

The fused Zamasu admires his newfound strength and declares himself to be the absolute ruler of the universe; he announces that with his ultimate power he will complete the Zero Mortals Plan by exterminating all remaining humans on Earth. However, Vegeta refuses to let him do so and fires ki blasts at him. However, the fused Zamasu isn't even marked by Vegeta's attack. The fused Zamasu uses lightning of Absolution, a large purple avatar hovering behind the fused Zamasu to strike Vegeta down and uses it on Goku. Goku and Vegeta smash into the ground and revert back to their base forms. Zamasu uses Lightning of Absolution on the surrounding area, forcing the Resistance and civilians to evacuate to where Bulma and Mai are under the instructions of Trunks.

The fused Zamasu is pleased that his ideal universe will be born. Goku and Vegeta get back up, transform into Super Saiyan Blue and charge at the fused Zamasu. The Saiyan duo destroy the fused Zamasu's Lightning of Absolution and attack Zamasu. However, the fused Zamasu blocks them and inflicts damage on the Saiyan duo by shocking them; the fused Zamasu is displeased that the Saiyan duo had the gall to even touch him and punishes them by firing his Blades of Jugement upon them. Goku and Vegeta are knocked down while the fused Zamasu declares that his eternal justice will reign supreme and usher in a new era where his name is etched in history's weave.

Trunks shows up and sees his wounded father. Trunks becomes enraged and transforms into his enhanced Super Saiyan transformation. The fused Zamasu fires his Blades of Judgement but Trunks cuts them down, refusing to give up. The fused Zamasu is annoyed with Trunks unwillingness to realize his mistakes and cracks his sword in half while blasting him down to the ground. The fused Zamasu fires his Holy Wrath while Trunks counters with his Garlic Cannon. The fused Zamasu's Holy Wrath overpowers Trunks Garlic Cannon, but not before Vegeta joins the fray and combines his Garlic Cannon with his son's. Trunks and Vegeta's Garlic Cannons overpower the fused Zamasu's Holy Wrath.

However, the fused Zamasu isn't harmed at all by the explosion and has only made him lived. The fused Zamasu fires a ki blast at Trunks, but Vegeta uses himself as a human shield to protect his son which heavily injures Vegeta and reverts back to base form. Goku fires his Kamehameha but the fused Zamasu counters with his Holy Wrath. Goku's Kamehameha begins overpowering the fused Zamasu's Holy Wrath.[21] Goku's full power Kamehameha is able to pierce the fused Zamasu's Holy Wrath and strikes Zamasu. As a result of Goku's Kamehameha hitting, the fused Zamasu's right half becomes purple and disfigured causing the fused Zamasu to lose control. Seeing that he is open, Goku lands several strikes on the disfigured Zamasu until Zamasu grabs hold of Goku. Goku activates Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken and manages to break free as well as smashing Zamasu on the ground. Meanwhile, the Resistance and the remaining civilians hide in Bulma's garage while Bulma fixed the Time Machine.

Goku reverts to normal and becomes exhausted. Infuriated, the fused Zamasu calls upon lightining to strike him which allows him to regain control. Gowasu explains that the fused Zamasu's disfigured form is a result of Goku Black's mortality conflicting with Zamasu's immortality. Seeing that they have no other choice, Goku decides that he and Vegeta must fuse using the Potara earrings; East Kaioshin gives Goku a Potara earring which he puts on and easts a Senzu Bean . While Vegeta doesn't want to fuse due to it being permanent, Gowasu explains that permanent fusion only applies to Supreme Kaios; mortals who use the Potara are only fused for an hour. Begrudgingly accepting, Vegeta eats his Senzu Bean and puts on his Potara earring. Goku and Vegeta fuse and become Vegito.

Vegito transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and begins pulverizing the fused Zamasu. Enraged that mortals once again defy the gods, the fused Zamasu knocks down Vegito and prepares to use his energy blade to finish off the fused Saiyan. Suddenly, the fused Zamasu is pierced by Vegito's own energy sword. Vegito tells the fused Zamasu that he has lost because he is a mortal due to having Goku's body inside of him. However, the fused Zamasu isn't bothered by this since it was his wish. Goku personifies the sins of mortals and by taking in Goku's body he has taken on the sins of mortals and the failures of the gods; it is his duty to rectify these mistakes. Powered by his desire to destroy the mortals, the fused Zamasu becomes larger. As Goku and the empowered Zamasu clash, Gowasu observes that Zamasu's obsession with the contradiction between mortals and gods has manifested into the ugly form he takes on now and wonders if exterminating the mortals will satisfy his emotions. Bulma arrives with the fixed Time Machine and Mai gives Trunks his broken sword. Knowing that it is his duty to protect the humans of the future, Trunks fixes his sword with his ki which becomes enhanced with energy. Trunks flies off to battle.

Vegito and the empowered fused Zamasu fight again. Vegito overpowers the fused Zamasu due to Zamasu's enlarged form slowing him down. Vegito strikes the fused Zamasu with his Final Kamehameha, but the fused Zamasu survives. Before Vegito can finish him off, the Potara fusions ends early due to Vegito expending all his power. The fused Zamasu strikes Goku and Vegeta into the ground. Before the fused Zamasu can finish off Goku and Vegeta with his energy blade, Trunks blocks the fused Zamasu's energy blade with his ki enhanced sword.

The fused Zamasu and Trunks clash with each other but the fused Zamasu gains the upper hand. The fused Zamasu is enraged with Trunks for defying the gods once again and blames it all on the universal mortal weakness of needing others to help them. However, Trunks declares that he isn't ashamed of needing help from others. Trunks screams that working to gather and surviving is who humans are. Trunks' desire makes him illuminate which gives him power to fend off the fused Zamasu's energy blade. The remaining civilians cheer Trunks on; their bodies begin glowing as well. The energy of the remaining humans and every living being comes together in a ball of energy above Trunks. Goku and Vegeta contribute their energy. Trunks absorbs the energy of every remaining living being on the planet and transfers it to his sword.

Trunks easily breaks the fused Zamasu's energy blade and pierces him with the Spirit Blade. Trunks blames the fused Zamasu for only thinking of himself and he will never let him crush his and humanity's will to live. Trunks slices the fused Zamasu in half with the Spirit Blade.[22]Trunks slashes the fused Zamasu in half with his Spirit Blade, which destroys the fused Zamasu. Gokū, Vegeta, Bulma and Mai congratulate Trunks for defeating Zamasu. Before they can start celebrating, Zamasu's energy from his destroyed body beams into the sky and a hoard of Zamasu faces begin covering the Earth. Trunks, Gokū and Vegeta use their Garlic Gun, Kamehameha and Final Flash respectively on the hoard of Zamasu faces but the combined ki attack has no effect. The hoard of Zamasu faces begin firing energy blasts which start destroying what is left of Earth. Gowasu explains that Zamasu's desire is so strong that he is attempting to become the universe itself so that justice and peace will reign supreme. Back in the present, the Dragon Team see the hoard of Zamasu faces; on Beerus' Planet, Whis feels an unpleasant energy, to which Beerus explains that the unpleasant energy is emanating from the future.

Gokū, Trunks and Vegeta get up and go to Bulma and Mai. Trunks cannot sense the survivors' energy from Zamasu, meaning all the remaining beings on Earth have been destroyed. Mai fires rounds of bullets in the air in a fit of rage and anguish. As Trunks calms her down, Gokū looks in his pocket and finds the button that Zen’ō gave to him in the present. Gokū uses the button, which summons the future Zen’ō. Gokū explains to the future Zen’ō that Zamasu has plagued the Earth. The future Zen’ō finds Zamasu to be annoying and dislikes the barren Earth. Gokū orders Eastern Kaioshin and Gowasu to return to the present to which they do. Trunks, Bulma, Mai, Gokū and Vegeta use the Time Machine to travel back to the present. The future Zen’ō erases the Earth, the multiverse and Zamasu, which puts an end to Zamasu's reign of terror once and for all. However, as a consequence, future Zen’ō's actions also destroys Trunks' timeline in the process.

The Time Machine returns to the present. As Chi-Chi and the Dragon Team welcome Gokū and his company, Beerus, Whis, Eastern Kaioshin and Gowasu arrive. Gowasu apologizes for all the trouble, to which Beerus warns him to choose his apprentices more carefully. Gokū and Trunks travel back to the destroyed future and bring the future Zen’ō back to the present. Gokū, Whis, Eastern Kaioshin and the future Zen’ō travel to the present Zen’ō's palace. Gokū introduces the future Zen’ō to the present Zen’ō as a new friend to play with. The present Zen’ō and the future Zen’ō like each other's company and go to play. The Grand Priest envies the Seventh Universe and Whis advises the Grand Priest, his father, to visit the Seventh Universe some time.

Gokū and his company return to Earth. Later that evening, Whis explains that it is impossible to return to Trunks' timeline future due to the future Zen’ō destroying it. Whis explains that they can travel to an alternate future which is just like theirs and will tell that alternate future's Beerus to destroy Zamasu. However, there is already a Trunks and Mai there. Mai is fine with going to and living in that future with an alternate her.

The next day, Trunks and Mai prepare to leave to travel to the alternate future. Bulma gives Trunks a great supply of capsules which contains many helpful provisions. The Dragon Team give their farewell to Trunks and Mai. As the Time Machine ascends, Gohan and Piccolo arrive. Gohan waves goodbye to Trunks. As Trunks grieves over being unable to protect his future, Gohan gives Trunks a shout of confidence, which encourages Trunks. Trunks and Mai travel to the alternate future with the Time Machine.[23]

Bulma attempts to upgrade the Time Machine but does not have the right material to do so. On North Kaiō's Planet, Gokū plans to revive North Kaiō, Gregory and Bubbles, much to their delight. Gokū gets the Dragon Radar from Bulma and begins his hunt for the Dragon Balls. As Gokū leaves, Beerus and Whis arrive wanting to eat delicious food. Knowing that she cannot have them gain knowledge that she is working on upgrading the Time Machine, Bulma takes Beerus and Whis to a seafood restaurant so that they stay in the dark about her plans.

Gokū finishes collecting the seven Dragon Balls. Arriving at Capsule Corporation, Gokū summons Shenron and prepares to revive North Kaiō, Gregory and Bubbles. Before he can do so, the arrival of Muten Rōshi, Oolong, No. 18, Goten and Trunks interrupts Gokū as they have wishes they want granted. The bickering of the group as to who gets their wish wastes time which annoys Shenron. Pilaf attempts to take advantage of the situation and get his wish granted but he is thwarted by the arrival of Goten and Trunks, Gohan and Bulma respectively and he gives up. Eventually, Gohan arrives and is in desperate need to curing Pan of her illness. Gokū and the group allow Gohan to have his wish. Shenron grants Gohan's wish and Pan is healed, back to full. Thanking Gokū and the others, Gohan flies back to his home. Bulma arrives and after hearing that the group wants their wishes granted, Bulma decides to grant their wishes herself; Bulma gives Muten Roshi his young ladies, Oolong his panties, telling Android #18 that the only thing Kulilin wants is her and Marron around and tells Goten and Trunks that they need to think of wishes to be granted.

With their problems solved, Bulma prepares to grant her own wish from Shenron, only to be reminded by Gokū that he has yet to revive North Kaiō and the others. Bulma asks Gokū to fetch her the material from the Earth's core in exchange of having his wish granted. Gokū goes to fetch the material while Beerus and Whis finish eating having noticed Shenron's appearance all along. They go to the core and see what Gokū is up to. Meanwhile, Shenron is trying his best not to disperse due to Bulma threatening him of Beerus. Gokū, Beerus and Whis arrive. Beerus assumes that Bulma wants the material to work on the Time Machine, to which Whis reminds her that time travel is forbidden. Beerus crushes the material and destroys the Time Machine; Bulma promises to not work on time travel again.

Gokū can finally grant his wish to revive North Kaiō, Gregory and Bubbles. However, having run out of time, Shenron disperses and the Dragon Balls scatter across the Earth. Gokū apologizes much to North Kaiō's annoyance that he must wait again.[24] In Penguin Village, Dr. Senbei Norimaki also known as Dr Slump, prepares to travel to the World Invention Award. Arale attempts to join him, but he refuses and tells her to remain in the village.

In West Capital at the World Invention Award, Gokū is working as a security guard while the awards are attended by Bulma and her family along with Mr. Satan. Mr. Satan announces the winner to be Dr Slump for his Reality Machine Number 2. Dr Slump demonstrates his invention; the Reality Machine No. 2 creates whatever the person using the invention desires. Suddenly, the award ceremony is interrupted by Dr Slump's eternal rival, Dr Mashirito. Dr Mashirito reveals that he has taken control of Arale by drugging her food with Playtine-X which has made her hyperactive. Arale begins destroying the award ceremony. Vegeta attempts to stop Arale but Arale overpowers Vegeta with ease and blasts him out of the award ceremony. Gokū who has been sleeping is woken up and is surprised to see Arale. Vegeta attacks but Arale being a gag manga character is completely immune to Vegeta's attacks and she blows him far away.

Gokū remembers Arale after she used her Headbutt to blow away Vegeta and wishes to challenge her to which she accepts. Gokū transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and attacks Arale with a Kamehameha but she easily cancels the attack with a N'cha Cannon. Knowing that if Gokū and Arale continue their battle it will eventually destroy the Earth. Bulma attempts to call Beerus to help but Whis informs that Beerus has just fallen asleep and cannot help. Dr Slump makes his machine create a pile of feces to distract Arale which works. Bulma comes up with an idea and has the population of the entire Earth face their respective televisions and imagine the most delicious food in the universe. Dr Slump's machine creates the most delicious food in the universe; a brown ball. Beerus immediately wakes up after catching a whiff of the ball's scent and travels to Earth with Whis. As Beerus picks up the delicious food, Dr Mashirito attempts to intimidate Beerus. Not interested in his threats, Beerus destroys Dr Mashirito. Beerus eats the most delicious food in the universe and becomes filled with absolute joy. Arale attempts to play with Beerus, but the Hakaishin blows her away. Not wanting anyone to ruin his joy, Beerus attempts to destroy Arale. Before he can do so, the Hakaishin's bowels start working which leads to Beerus and Whis leaving.

Later that afternoon, Dr Slump apologizes for the chaos Arale caused to which Mr Satan replies that he will handle all repairs. Dr Slump and Arale leave and travel home to Penguin Village. Trunks asks his mother if they are forgetting something; the scene switches to Vegeta who is hanging from a tree branch. The Saiyan prince comments that he will never fight a gag manga character again.[25]

Champa challenges Beerus to a game of baseball, which Beerus accepts. However, the baseball game is merely a diversion for Champa to steal the Universe 7's food. Vados convinces Champa to actually play the baseball game so that he'll work up a sweat which will make the food eaten afterwards much tastier; Champa decides to follow Vados's advise.

On Earth, Beerus's team consists of Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Kulilin, Piccolo and Yamcha; Champa's team consists of himself, Botamo, Margetta, Cabba, Goten and Vegeta. The reason Vegeta and Goten are playing on Champa's team is to substitute Hit and to even out the players. Whis and Vadoes act as umpires The baseball game begins but progresses slowly due to Goku's misunderstanding of the game. However, Goku's third pitch is right and Champa hits it for a home run, until Trunks catches the ball, much to Champa's annoyance. The next batter is Botamo and the next pitcher is Yamcha. Due to his abundant experience in baseball and his Wolf Fang Pitching Fist, Yamcha easily manages to strike out Botamo and Cabba. Yamcha's excellent baseball skills earns praise from Bulma and even Beerus.

It is now Beerus' team turn to bat while Champa's team pitches; Yamcha bats while Vegeta pitches. Vegeta actually hits Yamcha with the ball thinking that is how baseball is played. Goku bats next and the two Saiyans use their full power against each other. Goku manages to hit the ball, causing Yamcha to start running to the next base. Although Vegeta manages to get the ball before Yamcha arrives, Yamcha is still safe due to Champa obstructing the game. Gohan is the next batter and hits the ball. Champa eventually gets the ball and hits Yamcha with it, but Yamcha is still safe; Vados explains to Champa that he needs to hold on to the ball for it to be an out. Looking at Yamcha who is on the ground hurt, Champa insults him which makes Beerus angry causing the two Hakaishins to confront each other.

Beerus and Champa begin arguing and insulting each which results into a full blown fight between the two Hakaishins. Before Beerus and Champa can land the final punches against each other, Whis and Vados step in and stop the Hakaishins. Whis and Vados end the baseball game with the Seventh Universe getting the walk-off victory, which shocks Champa. Vados tells Champa to look down; Yamcha is on the ground, in a very familiar pose, and has his hand on the base, meaning the Seventh Universe team scored a point which means they win. Kulilin and Piccolo comment on Yamcha's "pose" which reminds them of a bitter memory. Yamcha comments that he may be getting his different walk-off victory before falling unconscious.

The Sixth Universe team returns home with Champa telling his team that next time they will win. Vados comments that Champa forgot why he originally wanted to go to the Seventh Universe's Earth for and chuckles.[26]



# English title Kanji title Rōmaji title Japanese airdate
47 SOS From the Future! A Black New Enemy Appears!! 未来からのSOS!黒き新たな敵現る!! Mirai kara no Esu·Ō·Esu! Kuroki Aratana Teki Arawaru!! June 12, 2016[27]
48 Hope Again!! Trunks Wakes Up in the Present HOPE!!再び 現在で目覚めよトランクス Kibō!! Futatabi Ima de Mezameyo Torankusu June 19, 2016[27]
49 A Message From the Future — Gokū Black Invades! 未来からのメッセージ ゴクウブラック襲来! Mirai kara no Messēji Gokū Burakku Shūrai! June 26, 2016[27]
50 Gokū versus Black! The Path to the Sealed Future くうVSたいブラック!ざされた未来みらいへのみち Gokū Tai Burakku! Tozasareta Mirai e no Michi July 3, 2016[27]
51 Feelings That Transcend Time — Trunks and Mai 時をこえた想い トランクスとマイ Toki o Koeta Omoi Torankusu to Mai July 10, 2016[27]
52 Master and Pupil Reunion: Son Gohan and "Future" Trunks 師弟再開 孫悟飯と"未来"トランクス Shitei Saikai  Son Gohan to "Mirai" Torankusu July 17, 2016[27]
53 Reveal, Black's True Identity! Off to the Kaiōshin Realm of Tenth Universe! ブラックの正体を暴け!いざ第10宇宙の界王神界へ! Burakku no Shōtai o Abake! Iza Dai-Jū Uchū no Kaiōshin Kai e! July 31, 2016[27]
54 Inheritor of the Saiyan Blood — Trunks' Resolve サイヤ人の血をひく者 トランクスの決意 Saiya-jin no Chi o Hiku Mono Torankusu no Ketsui August 7, 2016[27]
55 I Wanna Meet Son Gokū — A Summons from Zen'ō-sama! 孫悟空に会いたいのね 全王様からのよびだし! Son Gokū ni Aitai no ne Zen'ō-sama kara no Yobidashi! August 21, 2016[27]
56 Rematch with Gokū Black! Super Saiyan Rosé Appears 再戦ゴクウブラック!超サイヤ人ロゼ登場 Saisen Gokū Burakku! Sūpā Saiya-jin Roze Tōjō August 28, 2016[27]
57 God who Possesses the Immortal Body — Zamasu's Descent 不死身の体を持つ神 ザマス降臨 Fujimi no Karada o Motsu Kami Zamasu Kōrin September 4, 2016[27]
58 Zamasu and Gokū Black — The Two's Mystery Deepens ザマスとゴクウブランック 深まる二人の謎 Zamasu to Gokū Burakku Fukamaru Futari no Nazo September 11, 2016[27]
59 Protect the Kaiōshin Gowasu, Destroy Zamasu! 界王神ゴワスを守れ ザマスを破壊せよ! Kaiōshin Gowasu o Mamore Zamasu o Hakai-se yo! September 25, 2016[27]
60 Back to the Future — Gokū Black's True Identity Revealed!! 再び未来へ 明かされるゴクウブラックの正体!! Futatabi Mirai e Akasareru Gokū Burakku no Shōtai!! October 2, 2016[27]
61 Zamasu's Ambition — The Terrifying "Zero Mortals Plan" is Told ザマスの野望 語られる恐怖の『人間0計画』 Zamasu no Yabō  Katarareru Kyōfu no "Ningen Zero Keikaku" October 9, 2016[27]
62 I'll Protect the World! Trunks' Angry Super Power Explodes!! 世界はオレが守る!トランクス怒りの超パワー炸裂!! Sekai wa Ore ga Mamoru! Torankusu Ikari no Sūpā Pawā Sakuretsu!! October 16, 2016[27]
63 Don't Defile Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta's Fierce Battle!! サイヤ人の細胞を汚すな!ベジータの壮絶バトル開演!! Saiya-jin no Saibō o Kegasu na! Bejīta no Sōzetsu Batoru Kaien!! October 23, 2016[27]
64 Praise and Adore Him! The Explosive Birth of Merged Zamasu!! 崇めよ!讃えよ!合体ザマス爆誕!! Agame yo! Tatae yo! Gattai Zamasu Bakutan!! October 30, 2016[27]
65 Final Judgement?! The Supreme God's Ultimate Power 最後の審判か!?絶対神の究極の力 Saigo no Shinpan ka!? Zettai Shin no Kyūkyoku no Pawā November 6, 2016[27]
66 Showdown! The Unyielding Warriors' Miraculous Super Power 最後の審判か!?絶対神の究極の力 Kessen! Akiramenai Senshi-tachi no Kiseki no Pawā November 13, 2016[27]
67 Fill Your Heart with New Hope!! Farewell, Trunks 新たなHOPE!!を胸に さらばトランクス Aratana Kibō!! O Mune ni Saraba Torankusu November 20, 2016[27]
68 Come Forth, Shenron! Whose Wish Shall Be Granted?! いでよ神龍!叶える願いは誰のもの!? Ide yo Shenron! Kanaeru Negai wa Dare no Mono!? November 27, 2016[27]
69 Goku Versus Arale! The Earth Comes To An End Due To Their Battle? 悟空VSアラレ!ハチャメチャバトルで地球が終る!? Gokū Tai Arare! Hachamecha Batoru de Chikyū ga Owaru!? December 4, 2016[27]
70 Champa's Challenge! This Time We Fight With Baseball! シャンパからの挑戦状!今度は野球で勝負だ!! Shanpa kara no Chōsenjō! Kondo wa Yakyū de Shōbu da!! December 11, 2016[27]
71 Goku Dies! Assassination Order That Must Be Performed 悟空死す!絶対執行の暗殺依頼 Gokū Shisu! Zettai Shikkō no Ansatsu Irai December 18, 2016[27]
72 Can You Counterattack?! An Invisible Assassination Technique!! 反撃なるか!?見えない殺しの技!! Hangeki Naru ka!? Mienai Koroshi no Waza!! December 25, 2016[27]
73 Gohan's Disaster! Great Saiyaman's Unbelievable Movie Adaptation?! 悟飯の災難!グレートサイヤマンまさかの映画化!? Gohan no Sainan! Gurēto Saiyaman Masaka no Eiga-ka!? January 8, 2016[27]
74 For The Sake of Those He Loves! The Indomitable Great Saiyaman!! 愛するもののために!不屈のグレートサイヤマン!! Aisuru Mono no Tame ni! Fukutsu no Gurēto Saiyaman!! January 15, 2016[27]
75 Gokū and Kulilin — To the Nostalgic Training Place 悟空とクリリン 懐かしの修行の場へ Gokū to Kulilin Natsukashi no Shugyō no Ba e January 22, 2017[27]
76 Beat The Fearsome Foes! Krillin's Fighting Spirit Returns! 恐敵を打ち破れ!クリリンの闘志ふたたび Kowa Teki o Uchiyabure! Kulilin no Tōshi Futatabi! January 29, 2017[27]


# English title Kanji title Rōmaji title Japanese release date
14 An SOS From the Future 未来みらいからのSOS Mirai kara no Esu·Ō·Esu July 21, 2016[28]
15 Hope Again!! HOPE!!ふたKibō!! Futatabi August 20, 2016[28]
16 "Future" Trunks' Past "未来みらい"トランクスの過去かこ "Mirai" Torankusu no Kako September 21, 2016[28]
17 The Next Tenth Universe's Kaiōshin Candidate — Zamasu 次期じきだい10ちゅうかいおうしんこうザマス Jiki Dai-Jū Uchū Kaiōshin Kōho Zamasu October 21, 2016[28]
18 Gokū Black's True Identity ゴクウブラックの正体しょうたい Gokū Burakku no Shōtai November 21, 2016[28]
19 One More Zamasu もう一人のザマス Mō Hitori no Zamasu December 21, 2016[28]
20 Zero Mortals Plan 人間0計画 Ningen Zero Keikaku January 21, 2017[28]

Anime-Manga differences

  • In Super chapter 14, it is revealed that Bulma was found dead by some people and implied to had been killed by Black. In episode 47 Trunks witnesses the death of his mother at the hands of Black instead.


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