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11th universe
11th Universe
Kanji だい11ちゅう
Rōmaji Dai-Jūichi Uchū
Other Names "The universe of justice" (正義の宇宙, seigi no uchū)
English Localized Name(s) Universe 11
Ruler Zen'ō
Administration Kai
Counterpart 2nd Universe

The 11th Universe (だい11ちゅう, Dai-Jūichi Uchū), regarded as "the universe of justice" (正義の宇宙, seigi no uchū),[1][2] is one of the twelve universes in the multiverse.


The exact structure of the 11th Universe in comparison to the others is unknown. However, the 11th Universe has been shown to have what appears to be both advanced space-travel as well as a space-faring civilization. Kai claims that the strongest warriors within all the Universes live within the 11th Universe.[3]

The Universe is protected by the Pride Troopers, who have shown to make excellent use of advanced technology such as high-speed ships and long distance communicators to perform their duties.[3]

It was erased by the Zen'ō in the Tournament of Power, but was quickly restored by No. 17's wish to Super Shenron.[4]



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  • Due to Toppo's ascension, the 11th Universe is the first known Universe with two Hakaishin active at the same time. Toppo, however, currently does not have an active post.


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