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See also: List of Volumes and List of Dragon Ball episodes The 21st Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Arc (第21回天下一武道会へん, Dai-Nijūichi Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Hen; Literally meaning "Twenty-first Strongest Under the Heavens Martial Arts Tournament Arc")[1] is an arc from the Dragon Ball series. The arc is based around the introduction of the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai. Muten Rōshi's new disciples of his illustrious Turtle School, show the fruits of labor after strengthening their body for various months. It spans from the last chapters of volume 4, and concludes with the first chapters of volume 5,[1] or more specifically covers chapters 34 to 55 of the manga[1] and episodes 21 to 28 of the anime. It is preceded by the Kame-Sennin Training Arc and followed by the Red Ribbon Army Arc.



# Translated title Kanji title Rōmaji title Viz title
34 Completely Unrivaled! 天下無敵! Tenka Muteki! Strongest Under the Heavens!
35 The Matchups are Decided!! 対戦決定!! Taisen Kettei!! The Battle is Set!!
36 The First Match 第1試合 Da-Ichi Shiai Match No. 1
37 The Second Match 第2試合 Dai-Ni Shiai Match No. 2
38 The Third Match 第3試合 Dai-San Shiai Water and Cheesecake
39 The Fourth Match 第4試合 Dai-Yon Shiai Monster Smash
40 The Tail of Gokū 悟空のシッポ Gokū no Shippo The Tail of Goku
41 Kuririn versus Jackie Chun クリリン対ジャッキー·チュン Kuririn Tai Jakkī Chun Kuririn vs. Jackie Chun
42 A Great Give-and-Take Battle! 大攻防戦! Daikōbōsen! The Big Fight
43 The Mysterious Jackie Chun 謎のジャッキー·チュン Nazo no Jakkī Chun The Mysterious Jackie Chun
44 Son Gokū versus Namu 孫悟空対ナム Son Gokū Tai Namu The Name of the Game is Namu
45 A Great Mid-Air Battle! 大空中戦! Daikūchūsen! Taking the Air
46 The Grand Finals 大決勝戦 Dai-Kesshōsen The Final Match
47 The Kamehameha かめはめ波 Kamehameha The Kamehameha
48 Monkey Imitating Son Gokū 猿マネ孫悟空 Saru Mane Son Gokū One Lucky Monkey
49 Jackie Chun's Counterattack 武天老師の逆襲 Jakkī Chun no Gyakushū The Big Sleep
50 Gokū's Greatest Pinch!! 悟空最大のピンチ!! Gokū Saidai no Pinchi!! Jackie's Shocking Secret
51 Chaos Reigns at the Tenkaichi Budōkai 天下一武道会大騒然 Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Daisōzen And the Crowd Goes Wild!!
52 The Climax Nears!! クライマックス近し!! Kuraimakkusu Chikashi!! The Climax Approaches!
53 The Climax クライマックス Kuraimakkusu The Final Blow
54 Another Adventure!! 再冒険!! Saibōken!! On the Road Again
55 The Red Ribbon 赤いリボン Akai Ribon The Red Ribbon


# Translated title Kanji title Rōmaji title FUNimation title
21 Watch Out! Kuririn でるか!?修行の威力 Ayaushi! Kuririn Smells Like Trouble
22 Yamcha versus Jackie Chun ヤムチャVSジャッキーチュン Yamucha Tai Jakkī Chun Quarterfinals Continue
23 He's Here! The Mighty Foe Giran 出たーっ!強敵ギラン Detā! Kyōteki Giran Monster Beast Giran
24 Kuririn's Desperate Offensive-Defensive Battle クリリン必死の大攻防戦 Kuririn Hisshi no Dai-Kōbōsen Krillin's Frantic Attack!
25 Get Up, Gokū! The Fearsome Tenkū Pekejiken たて悟空!恐るべき天空X字拳 Tate Gokū! Osoru Beki Tenkū Pekejiken Danger From Above
26 The Final Round!! Kamehameha 決勝戦だ!!カメハメ波 Kesshōsen da!! Kamehameha The Grand Finals
27 Gokū – The Greatest Pinch 悟空・最大のピンチ Gokū · Saidai no Pinch Number One Under the Moon?
28 Clash!! Power versus Power Gekitotsu!! Pawā Tai Pawā Clash!! Power versus Power The Final Blow


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