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2nd Universe Team
2nd Universe
だいちゅう Dai-Ni Uchū
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS096
Team Info
Universe 2nd Universe Symbol 2nd Universe
Status Disbanded
Leader(s) Helles
Conflict(s) Tournament of Power

The 2nd Universe (だいちゅう, Dai-Ni Uchū) was a team constructed of the 2nd Universe's strongest warriors presented by the gods; Peru and Helles as the representatives warriors of their respective universe in the Tournament of Power.


Before the construction of the team's construction, the organization held some form of audition.[1]


Tournament of Power

The 2nd Universe fought against various of the strongest warriors among the universes, the 2nd Universe battled against the 7th Universe, this resulted in the elimination of their universe's top warriors in the early bout. In the first portion of the competition, they lost Bikal who was the first warrior eliminated from the tournament. Followed by a shocking elimination of Sanka Ku by No. 17.

Harmira and Prum create an alliance amongst themselves in order to make use of Prum's reflective abilities. Harmila uses his sniper-based abilities to shoot throughout the competition. Shooting various competitors in the tournament, this results in a second skirmish against the 7th Universe. Harmira and Prum battle against Tenshinhan, resulting in the eliminations of both competitors.

After various losses the last remaining forces were; Zirloin, Zarbuto and Rabanra. The 2nd Universe was simultaneously eliminated alongside the 6th Universe, each of the competitors were eliminated by the joint effort of Son Gokū, and the Androids.

Facing erasure, the 2nd Universe dedicates their last moments as a public-service announcement to showcase, and spread love throughout the universes.


  • Each of the warriors are named based on puns relating to meat.


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