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Sixth Universe
6th Universe
Kanji だいちゅう
Rōmaji Dai-Roku Uchū
Other Names "The challenging universe" (挑戦の宇宙, chōsen no uchū)
English Localized Name(s) Universe 6
Ruler Zen'ō
Administration Champa
Counterpart 7th Universe

The 6th Universe (だいちゅう, Dai-Roku Uchū; Viz "Universe 6"), regarded as "the challenging universe" (挑戦の宇宙, chōsen no uchū),[1][2] is the twin universe of the 7th Universe.[3]


Between the 6th and 7th Universe, seven Super Dragon Balls are scattered thought out them. The universe is also known for delicious food, although it pales in comparison to the 7th Universe because the 6th Universe's Earth had a war that drove humanity to extinction.

Despite being the twin universe of the 7th Universe, the 6th Universe has a higher ranking than its twin on the Mortal Level scale — the scale with which the mortals in the 6th Universe are ranked.[4]

It was destroyed in the Tournament of Power.[5] It was later restored by No. 17's wish to Super Shenron.[6]



See also: Fuwa


The Kaiōshin Fuwa.

The 6th Universe is overseen by Fuwa with the asistance of his Shinling attendant. The Kaiōshin act as "creation gods" (創造神, sōzōshin), providing the energy for the creation of new planets as well as create entirely new lifeforms, and even transplant existing lifeforms onto new planets.


See also: Champa

Champa Infobox

The Hakaishin Champa.

The Hakaishin of the 6th Universe is Champa, who is the twin brother of the 7th Universe's Hakaishin Beerus.


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Frost Infobox

The emperor Frost.

Frost is the former emperor of the 6th Universe. He publicly lead a peace keeping force to end wars, but in fact, he secretly started them in-order to buy the ravaged land cheaply. After his true nature was exposed at the 6th Universe and 7th Universe Hakaishin Selection Martial Arts Competition, he became a fugitive on the run.


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