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Universe 7 anime
7th Universe
Kanji だいちゅう
Rōmaji Dai-Nana Uchū
English Localized Name(s) Universe 7
Ruler Zen'ō
Administration Beerus
Elder Kaiōshin
Counterpart 6th Universe

The 7th Universe (だいちゅう, Dai-Nana Uchū; English "Universe 7"),[1] known more simply as just the universe (ちゅう, Uchū; Viz "Cosmos") is the universe that contains the Earth and, therefore, is the universe in which the entire Dragon Ball series occurs. It is the twin universe of the 6th Universe.[2]


The Universe Cho

The entirety of the 7th Universe.

The universe is depicted as spherical and split into two sections: the mortal plane is located in the lower half, and contains the planets and galaxies of the known universe; the upper half consists of the Afterworld; and the two halves are separated by Hell. At the top of the sphere is the Kaiō Realm, where the various Kaiō rule.[3] Finally, at the very bottom of the spherical universe, in its tip, existed the Demon Realm.[4] According to Shin, within the 7th Universe, there are twenty-eight planets with sentient life on them — there were initially more, but the destruction of Sadal, VegetaNamek, the Moginanian planet, among other planets, reduced the number.[5]

Additionally, a dimension exists outside of the main universe which contains the Kaiōshin's homeworld: the Kaiōshin Realm.[6] The mortal plane is divided into the cardinal quadrants: the North, South, East, and West Galaxies that stretch along infinitely across the universe. According to Jaco, the Universe is large enough to contain an insane amount of galaxies like the Milky Way galaxy.[7] Beings who die in the mortal plane are then sent to the Afterworld (あのよ, Anoyo) where they are judged according to their actions in life.

In Mortal Level — the average rankings of combat strength of the mortals in the Seventh Universe — it places 3.18, the second lowest from the bottom.[8]


Regarding the amount of spoken languages that exist in a universe could be innumerable, however within the 7th Universe there is an official universal language that all of its inhabitants speak. The only language known aside of the universal language, is the one used by the Nameccians. There are over seven thousand languages confirmed to be spoken within the 7th universe.[9]



See also: Shin


The Kaiōshin Shin.

This 7th Universe was originally overseen by Elder Kaiōshin until he was sealed into the Z Sword, and later, the Grand Kaiōshin and four cardinal quadrant Kaiōshin oversaw the universe. After Majin Boo's attack, Shin as the solve survivor of the incident took over their duties and acted as the sole Kaiōshin for the entire universe, until Elder Kaiōshin was freed and returned to his role. While Shin and his attendant Kibito were fused together, Kibito Kaiōshin served as Kaiōshin until the Shinling was defused years later.


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The Hakaishin Beerus.

The Hakaishin, while acting as the opposites of the Kaiōshin, also serve to balance the universe. There are twelve Hakaishin, one for each of the twelve universes. The Hakaishin for the Seventh Universe is the feline being Beerus. Beerus acts as a balance by destroying planets even as the Kaiōshin create them. He chooses which planet to do so on a whim and will destroy them regardless of their importance. Should he find it too troublesome to destroy a certain planet, he can involve other parties to destroy them for him, such as he did with Freeza when he implored the tyrant to destroy the planet Vegeta.[10][11] Unlike the Kaiō and Kaiōshin, both of whom originate from the Shinling race, there doesn't seem to be a racial requirement to become a Hakaishin. Whis, the being who trains the current and successive Hakaishin, offered Son Gokū the position once Beerus died (however, Gokū declines).[11]


See also: Grand Kaiō, North Kaiō, South Kaiō, East Kaiō, and West Kaiō


The four cardinal Kaiō as seen in the anime.

The Kaiō are member of the Shinling race that assist the Kaiōshin in overseeing the universe. Functionally, they work similarly to the Kaiōshin. There are five Kaiō—four to rule over the cardinal quadrants and a fifth, the Grand Kaiō, to rule over the cardinal Kaiō.[12] Unlike the Kaiōshin, the Kaiō appear to be personally involved in their quadrant of the universe, as North Kaiō was extremely active during the events on Earth and Namek.

Other rulers

In addition to the Kaiō, Kaiōshin, and Hakaishin, other rulers of the universe exist. The Demon Realm, for instance, is ruled by antithesis of the Kaiō and Kaiōshin: the Makaiō and Makaiōshin respectively.[4]


  1. Due to the danger, time travel is forbidden.[13] The punishment for this crime is banishment from the planet in which the offense was committed.[14]

Notable Locations


See also: Afterworld The Afterworld (あの世, Anoyo; FUNimation "Other World", Viz "Netherworld") is the location that the deceased travel to after their death. There they are judged by their actions in life and are sentenced accordingly.

In Other Timelines

In Trunks' future timeline, the 7th Universe no longer exists, as the future Zen'ō erased it entirely when he destroyed Zamasu.

Creation and Conception

Universe concept art

Concept art of the universe from Daizenshū 4.

When imagining the universe, Akira Toriyama thought of it as a sphere because it would be easier for himself and his readers to grasp.[15] Later, he claimed that he invented his own universe, without using any references, because it was easier on him.[16]


  • In Daizenshū 7, Akira Toriyama describes himself as the ultimate ruler of the Dragon Ball universe, and a gentleman far, far greater than even the Kaiōshin.[3]


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