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きゅうしゅう Kyūshū
Games Drain Life Cell
Life Essence Absorption (生命エキス吸収, Seimei Ekisu Kyūshū)[2]
Other Energy Absorption (エネルギーきゅうしゅう, Enerugī Kyūshū)[3]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #30, Chapter #361
Anime Debut DBZ142
Type Ability
Class Offensive
Related technique(s)
Non-canon Users

Absorption is a technique used by individuals to absorb other entities, adding their powers to the user's own.


Absorption is a technique where the user absorbs particular beings, and converts the victims' power into their own. Cell was the first known user of this technique, and performed it through his tail. Cell could do this either by stabbing the target with his tail and drawing them in through the needle-like protrusion, or expanding the tail and swallowing them whole. The latter case was only seen when he absorbed Androids 17 and 18. According to No. 17, when he was absorbed by Cell, he could hear Gokū's voice, showing he was still conscious despite being absorbed.[4]

Majin Bū's absorption method was far more unique; by utilizing a piece of his body, he could expand it to cover a target, contract it, and then absorb them. This was seen when he absorbed Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan.[5]

In the anime, the Seven-Star Dragon was shown to be able to absorb entities through the Seven-Star Dragon Ball. Incorporating them into his being, he also changes form and grows stronger. The Seven-Star Dragon used his absorption method to absorb Pan.


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