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The Cosmos
Kanji あの
Rōmaji Anoyo
Other Names Netherworld[2]Next World[3]
English Localized Name(s) VIZ Other Side
Universe Twelve Universes
Ruler Kaiōshin

The Afterworld (あの, Anoyo; FUNimation "Otherworld", Viz "Other Side"; Literally meaning "World Beyond") that is also referred to as the Cosmos (てんかい, Tenkai; Literally meaning "Celestial Sphere")[4] is a spiritual world that is is the world after death, where the Souls that have lost their physical bodies exist.


The spiritual plane is divided between three sections of planes, where the gods who govern the entire Universe reside. It is divided into; Enma Realm, Kaiō Realm, the Kaiōshin Realm, and Hell. The Living world is located beneath the Afterworld, which is hermetically sealed by a barrier.




Main article: EnmaEnma serves as the judge in charge of deciding whether a soul enters Heaven or Hell, though he can only judge the soul of those who died on Earth.


Accessing the Afterlife

The most typical way for a mortal to access the afterlife is simply — they must die. Once they die, their soul passes from the living world into the Afterlife, starting at Serpent Road before moving to the Devil Realm to be judged. 

However, uniquely some people can access the Afterlife without dying first. Typically, these beings are gods, possess some form of teleportation, or both. God is capable of accessing the afterlife though an unknown means. Son Gokū, through his Teleportation, can access the afterlife by sensing Kaiō of the North's ki.[5] Whis is also capable of accessing the afterlife from the living world, taking approximately half an hour to do so.[6] Kaiōshin, through Kai-Kai, can move between the afterlife and the living world.

Devil Realm

Main article: Devil Realm The Devil Realm (閻魔界, Enmakai; FUNimation "Check-In Station") is the location in the afterlife where Enma lives and judges the dead.

Serpent Road

Main article: Serpent Road The Serpent Road (蛇の道, Hebi no Michi; FUNimation "Snake Way") is a long, serpent-like road that leads from the Devil Realm to the home of Kaiō of the North.

In Other Universes

The 10th Universe also has an afterlife.[7]


  • Anoyo (あの世) can also be translated as "the other world" and "the world of the dead".


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