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Agu mugshot
アグ Agu
Personal Data
Universe 12th Universe Symbol 12th Universe
Race Shinling
Voice Actors
English Anthony Bowling
Japanese Yasuhiro Takato
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS078
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Ag (アグ, Agu) is the Kaiōshin from the 12th Universe, who alongside the Hakaishin, Geen upkeep the balance within their respective universe.


Upon a mortal inventing a Time Machine within the 12th Universe, it fell into the hands of Ag.[2]


Ag enjoys virtuous things.[3] Although his universe is already developed, he aspires to take it even higher.[1]


Agu Render

Ag's full appearance.

Dragon Ball Super

Universe Survival Arc

Alongside Geen and Martinu, Ag attends the Zen Exhibition Match, where they watch the Seventh and 9th Universe contestants fight each other.[4]

In Other Timelines

Trunks' Timeline

In Zamasu's quest for justice, he took advantage of all Hakaishin's life-force being intertwined with their universes Kaiōshin, and killed Ag to subsequently eliminate Geen. Upon seeking the Kaiōshin out, Zamasu unexpectedly discovered the Time Machine in Ag's possession.


  • Ag's name is potentially derived from a Hindu deity, Agni one of the most important of the Vedic gods. He is the god of fire and the acceptor of sacrifices.


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