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Akumaito Beam[1][2][3]
Literal English Devilmite Beam
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #9, Chapter #104
Anime Debut DB074
Type Unique Technique
Class Offensive

The Akumaito Beam is the most powerful attack as well as signature technique of Akkuman.


The Akumaito Beam is a unique technique created and employed by Akkuman. Placing his fingertips together, he releases a spiraling beam from his fingertips. When the beam hits the target, it expands the evil within the heart of an individual, using their negativity to literally blow them to smithereens. It does not, however, work on the pure of heart like Son Gokū.[1][2] When the technique failed to affect Gokū, Uranai Baba compared his mind to that of an infant of an animal, implying the technique would not work on them either, most likely due to a lack of impure thoughts.


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