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Kaioshin Universe1
アナト Anato
Alternative Name(s) First Universe Kaiōshin Anato (第1宇宙界王神アナト, Dai Ichi Uchū Kaioshin Anato)
Personal Data
Universe 1st Universe Symbol 1st Universe
Race Shinling
Gender Genderless
Voice Actors
English Chris Burnett
Japanese Yūsei Oda
Professional Status
Occupation(s) Kaiōshin Symbol Kaiōshin
Life-Link Iwen
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS078
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Anat (アナト, Anato) is the Kaiōshin of the 1st Universe, who alongside the Hakaishin Iwen upkeeps the order in their respective universe.


Due to the fact that Anat is a Kaiōshin he was born from a Golden fruit that births Shinlings that are capable of becoming a Kaiōshin, which Anato achieved.[2]



Anato Render

Anato's full appearance.


As a member of the Shinling race, he has God Ki and has an extraordinarily long lifespan. Because Anato was born of the golden fruit Anato has the ability to live much longer than those born from the normal fruits.[2] Anat also has the capability to teleport transversely to any part of the Twelve Universes with Kai-Kai.

Part IV

Universe Survival Arc

Anat was one of the Kaiōshin present for the Zen Exhibition Match, alongside life-link Hakaishin, Iwen and the Angel guide, Martinu. Anat was summoned by the Grand Priest to attend the opening match of the Tournament of Power. Where he and the other universe spectate the battles between the 9th Universe and 7th Universe.[3]

In midst of the battle the Grand Priest reveals that his universe is the highest of the human levels, and thus exempt from participating in the Tournament of Power.[4]

First Universe Watches

Anat spectates alongside the Gods of the 1st Universe.

Post of the revelations Anat and the other gods have a small meeting discussing eliminating the 7th Universe.[5] One day later, Anat and the gods of his respective universe each enter the Realm of Nothingness to spectate the Tournament of Power, where Anat and the other gods discover, in a surprise to them that the Survival Venue of the Tournament of Power is built by the Grand Priest. Where the Hakaishin test out the durability of the arena, after the small exhibition, Anat spectates the tournament, alongside the other gods.[6]

In Other Timelines

Trunks' Timeline

In Zamasu's quest for justice, Zamasu took advantage of all Hakaishin's life-force being intertwined with their universes Kaiōshin, and killed Anat to subsequently eliminate Iwen.[7]


  • Anato's name is the japanese pronunciation of the the name of Anat, a goddess of the west-semetic pantheons of the bronze age. Like most Kaiōshins, Anato is potentially named after a god-based terms.


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