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Dr. Gero's Controller
Android Emergency Deactivation Controller[1][2]
Kanji じんぞうにんげんきんきゅうていコントローラー
Rōmaji Jinzōningen Kinkyū Teishi Kontorōrā
Literal English Artificial Human Emergency Deactivation Controller
Other VIZ Emergency Suspension Remote
Manga Debut Volume #29, Chapter #349
Anime Debut DBZ133
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies
Inventor/Creator Gero
Affiliation Red Ribbon Army Symbol Red Ribbon Army

The Android Emergency Deactivation Controller is the device Dr. Gero created as a failsafe if his artificial creations went rogue and needed to be shut down. This remote would later be remodeled to a less effective degree by Bulma


Bulma's Remote Control

Bulma's newly-created model.

The Android Emergency Deactivation Controller was designed to immediately shut down Androids on the verge of rebelling and/or disobeying orders. The device was threatening enough that both Androids No. 17 and No. 18 collaborated in order to destroy the device; later on Android 18 was both shocked and afraid of seeing a later version of it on the ground nearby. 

The function of the device is that it targets the power core of the Androids in question, shutting it down and robbing them of their power, consciousness and control. There was no established range set for Gero's remote, unlike Bulma's which had to be in a range of ten meters to lock onto the Androids for shut down.[1][2]


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