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Android Capsules
Androids' Storage Capsules
Manga Debut Chapter 349
Anime Debut DBZ133
Movie Debut Movie 10

The Androids' Storage Capsules[1] are devices Gero created to house his Androids until he activates them.


These storage capsules were developed by Doctor Gero, specifically for the use of his artificial humans. They're cylindrical in shape, resembling the stasis capsules Bulma once created to store the bodies of the deceased. Roughly larger than the average human, as one was capable of storing Android 16, and each stasis capsule has the Androids' serial number registered at the side. The capsules are known for suspending the artificial humans' functioning, preserving them until Gero needs to make use of their abilities, or to activate them for the first time. While there is no known difference between the capsules used to contain cyborgs and the capsules used to contain purely mechanical Androids, if the pipe leading to the Capsule is cut, it has a negative effect on the Android that is stored within.[1]


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