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Whis & Vados
Kanji 天使
Rōmaji Tenshi
Additional Information
Status Extant
Unique Traits
  • Long lifespans
  • Omniscience
  • Can survive the vacuum of space
  • Don't require sleep
Notable Members

The Angels are a race which consists of high-ranking deities among the universes.


Angels are attendants to Hakaishin of each universe. Although angels live longer than hakaishins, and are possibly even immortal, they will cease to function should a Hakaishin die and will remain inactive until a new one appears.[1] Angels usually do not interfere with a Hakaishin's decision in anyway unless they step out of line. Some examples of this would be destroying the entire universe or the Kaiōshin world, in which case, they simply knock the Hakaishin out.

In the same way that a Kaiōshin is not meant to interfere with the Universe, Angels themselves always remain neutral. According to Whis, they do not directly involve themselves in the affairs of the Universe — they are not, however, above indirect methods such as training mortal fighters, seen when Whis took Son Gokū and Vegeta as his pupils through sufficient bribery.[2][3]

Having a different position from the Hakaishin, Angels are exempt from being erased if their universe loses in the Tournament of Power.[4]


Commonalities among the Angels include light blue skin, blue eyes, and white hair. Additionally, they each possess a blue halo, though the placement may very — Vados and Whis have theirs around their neck, while the Grand Priest has his above his head. Furthermore, height can vary between individuals, as the Grand Priest is a notably short man, while his children tower over him.



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