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This article details a subject that is considered canon. The subject of this article is Anime Canon. The subject of this article appeared in Dragon Ball anime series. The subject of this article appeared in the video games. The title of this article is conjectural.

Annin's Giant Body Technique
First Appearance
Anime Debut DB152
Game Debut Dragon Ball Kai: Attack of the Saiyans
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range User
Related technique(s)

Using this technique, Annin is capable of enhancing her body into a gigantic form, similar to the technique used by Piccolo Junior in the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai. Annin adopted the form whilst enraged at Son Gokū; the transformation was very quick, and served as an enhancement for Annin's abilities. She utilized her great size to her advantage, creating gusts of wind with her cloak, and using the enlarged feathers on her head to attack. Physical blows from her feet were enough to crack the ground. However, Gokū's small size proved to be an advantage, and he was capable of maneuvering around Annin with ease.[1]


  • Despite wearing no known specially made clothing, Annin's clothes remained intact while she transformed.


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