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Arm-Detatchment Attack
Arm-Detaching Attack[1][2]
うでぶんこうげき Ude Bunri Kōgeki
Literal English Arm Detachment Attack
Games Arm Ball (アームボール, Āmu Bōru)[3]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #42, Chapter #514
Anime Debut DBZ284
Type Ability
Class Offensive

The Arm-Detaching Attack is an attack performed by Majin Bo.


Majin Boo uses the unique anatomical structure in order to tear his own right arm off with his immense super strength and tosses it in the air until it wraps itself into the form of a ball. The ball on Majin Boo's command is charged towards the target with an aura of ki to collide with higher velocity in order to strike the target multiple times.[4]


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