Canonbutton Super Games Nickname

Key Point
Ascertainment​ of Vital Points
急所の見極め Kyūsho no Mikiwame
First Appearance
Game Debut Dragon Ball FighterZ
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range User
Derived technique(s)

The Ascertainment​ of Vital Points is the primary fighting style of Hit.


Hit simply places his hands in his pockets, in order to allow him to assess an opponent for their vital areas. It is only when Hit abandons this fighting style — and the stance which accompanies it — that he chooses to attack. 

In Other Media

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Hit uses this technique by placing his hands in his pockets allowing his look for weaknesses allowing him to three specific techniques in conjunction with this skill. Each of which are distinguished by the distances of each of the available techniques.


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