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Aura (オーラ, Ōra) is a natural byproduct that found through the release of one's ki.



Aura being generated.

The aura of an individual is a general effect of ki being expressed outside the body, usually in the form of "powering up". When a user focuses their ki, it manifests outside their physical body in the form of energy that can interact with the outside world, displacing solid matter among different effects.

While auras have been seen numerous times in the manga, they are not referred to by any unique color type. In the anime, however, auras have different colors and effects which are seemingly influenced by a variety of factors — species, mentality, and whether one is a mortal or a god. These colors are also subject to change. Piccolo and Gokū showcased blue and red auras respectively in the Dragon Ball anime, but would later go on to possesses the standard white aura that is common among mortals.

Vegeta's aura was initially white, outlined in a dark blue, before becoming the standard white aura. Another example is Freeza, who had a black and red aura, though it was later purple. It appears that the mind of the user can greatly influence the color of this aura — when Zamasu switched bodies with Son Gokū, he showcased a unique black ki, despite Gokū never using this sort of ki at all, implying that the mind or soul of the user has a powerful effect on the nature of their ki aura.

Super Saiyan God

The aura of a Super Saiyan God.

Gods have notably far more intricate auras. Super Saiyan God, for instance, gives off the appearance of a softly burning flame, complete with vibrant sparkles that are common to the Saiyan forms which use godly ki.[1] Super Saiyan Blue's aura is a blue flame, outlined in yellow, with an inner burning white[2] — while Super Saiyan Rage is the near reverse of this — and Rosé is a dark pink aura with inner purple. Beerus' aura is also unique, as the energy burns softer than most ki aura seen in the series.


  • Aura was named in the Dragon Ball Z: Sparking series where one was able to change the colors of their aura and ki.


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