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An Azuki
Azuki An
亜月あずき アン Azuki An
Personal Data
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies
Race Earthling
Birthplace Earth
Age 16 [1]
Gender Female Icon Female
Professional Status
Occupation(s) Pop idol[1]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter -11
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Azuki An (亜月あずき アン) is a Human-type Earthling pop idol, who initially seems to be quite ditzy, if not well mannered, and claims to have always wanted to go into space since she was a child. She was introduced in the Jaco the Galactic Patrolman mini-series.


Nothing is known about An's backstory besides her own claim of having dreamed of singing in space since she was a little child. [2]


As a pop idol, An typically acts as a cheerful, innocent girl, filled with bubbly energy. She acts very much like one would expect from a diva; ditzy and carefree, even squealing when excited.

This, however, appears to be more of a staged personality than anything else. The only time she's been seen in her off-time, she was shown to be very irritated, and easily offended.[3] An, as well as her managers, also have no issue with sending an innocent civilian to her possible death to serve as An's body double, and then capitalizing on the resulting 'tragedy'.[4]



An Azuki.

Part in the Story

Jaco the Patrolman



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