Ba was a green serpentine creature on Planet Vampa whom became Broly's first friend and sparring partner.


Ba was a green furred creature that looked like a cross between a dog and a snake. One of his ears was shot off by Paragus.


During his time on Freeza's spaceship. when asked by Cheelai and Lemo about the green fur around his waist (as they've only encountered the Vampa Beetles), Broly shares his past with them. When he went out, he would often train himself by dodging all of Ba's strikes, eventually Ba came to see Broly as a friend and the two grew close (with Ba longer attacked Broly and the young Saiyan in turn, named the Vampa Beast after the sound he made when fighting). One day a disgruntled Paragus witnessed this and disapproved of their relationship, by shooting Ba and severing his ear in the process, the situation traumatized Ba to the point where he stopped showing up for Broly. Although Broly resolves to continue wearing the appendage as a memento of their time together.

Powers and Abilities

Because Planet Vampa is said to be a dangerous habitat and a calm young Broly had the power level of 920 and kept growing stronger since then, as well as by the time he meets Ba, so it's very likely that Ba's power level is over 920.

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