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Kanji ババリ
Rōmaji Babari
Astrographical Information
Universe 10th Universe Symbol 10th Universe
Physical Information
Class Terrestrial
Primary terrain Mountainous
Societal information
Native Species Babarian

Planet Babari (ババリせい, Babari-sei) is a planet in the 10th Universe.


Through crystal ball, Gowasu acknowledged a new mortal has poped up on the planet Babari. Seeing them as a extremely primitive and violent race, Zamasu suggests exterminating immediately. However, Gowasu simply refused, only wanted to observe the state of the Babarians 1,000 years in the future to see what they have become more civilized or not. After arriving in the future, they noticed the Babarians have developed some kinds of culture but remain violent, which Zamasu thought that the universe will never be at peace as long as mortals are still around.


  • The name is potentially off a pun from a fruit known as the Rollinia deliciosa that is commonly known as a Biriba (ビリバ) a tropical wild sugar-apple.
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