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Babarian race
Kanji ババリ星人
Rōmaji Babari-seijin
Additional Information
Universe 10th Universe Symbol 10th Universe
Status Extinct
Planet of Origin Babari
Unique Traits Dinosaur-like appearance

The Babarians (ババリ星人, Babari-seijin) were the sentient species of planet Babari, a recently developed sentient species in 10th Universe.


The Babarians were a nascent race that evolved on the planet Babari. They were humanoid, dinosaur-like creatures with heavily muscled builds who had developed sentience. Despite this, they seem relatively solitary, and were violent creatures, prone to fighting each other through a simple encounter. One thousand years into the future, they had begun to develop a form a civilization but were still violent creatures.[1]


  • In the episode credits, the race has the same name scheme but is written as babari-jin (ババリ人).


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