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Bad Ring Laser
バッドリングレーザー Baddo Ringu Rēzā
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS019
Movie Debut Movie #19
Game Debut Dragon Ball Heroes
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Basic type
Class Offensive
Range Long range
Utilised tool(s)
  • Bad Ring

The Bad Ring Laser was a Weapon technique utilised by Sorbet.


The user extends their arm whilst wearing the Bad Ring, and releases a thin energy beam from the accessory. Ths beam has piercing attributes, and can even near-fatally wound a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan when their guard is down.[1]


  • Between the movie and the anime, Sorbet's usage of the Bad Ring Laser varies. In the movie, he shot Gokū through the heart, but in the anime, Sorbet shot Gokūu through the torso instead.


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