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Barrier of Light
Barrier of Light
光の壁 Hikari no Kabe
Games Heavenly Glow (天上の輝き, Tenjō no Kagayaki)
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS065
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Class Defensive
Range All ranges
Non-canon Users

The Barrier of Light[1] is a halo of light emerged in the fused Zamasu through the merged power of Gokū Black and Zamasu of the future.


Right after the fusion, Zamasu combines both two sources of his power and a halo of light appears behind his back. This is a powerful technique since it allows him to eliminate all attacks toward him as well as strikes his opponents by firing multiple purple-colored lightning blasts.[2] It's eventually disappeared after its possessor begins turning a gooey purple substance on the right side and was defeated by Gokū's Kaiōken-enhanced attack.[3]


  • While this technique wasn't named in the anime, it was named in the 48th issue of 2016's Weekly Shōnen Jump.
  • This technique did not appear in the manga, as was the case with all of Zamasu's anime-original techniques.
  • In Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2, rather than being behind Zamasu at all times, the Barrier of Light appears behind him only when he releases his techniques. The same applies to the Time Patroller, and something similar happens in Dragon Ball Fusions.


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