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Kanji 芭蕉扇
Rōmaji Bashōsen
Literal English Banana-Palm Fan
FUNimation Bansho Fan
Manga Debut Volume 2, Chapter 13
Anime Debut DB008
Game Debut Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden

The Bashōsen (芭蕉扇, Banana-Palm Fan; FUNimation "Bansho Fan") was a magical fan owned by the Kame-Sennin.


Kame-Sennin once owned the Bashōsen, a fan with mystical abilities. However, he was using as a potholder, and when fan wound up being so stained that Kame-Sennin threw it away.[2]

In the anime, Kame-Sennin had written down the instructions to create a Bashōsen, though admitted he was drunk when writing down said "instructions". In these instructions, the Bashōsen was stated to have been made from the feathers of the Fire-Eating Bird. It was originally crafted for fanning the Furnace of Eight Divisions.


The Bashōsen the potential to completely extinguish any fire. According to Muten Rōshi, the fan's abilities were truly fantastic — it could raise a gale with a single wave, storm clouds with two waves, and a downpour with the third wave.[3]


  • While the Bashōsen never formally appeared within the manga, it would later appear within a filler arc.
  • In the anime, there are instructions on how to make the Bashōen are written in a language that appears to be Nameccian. It isn't known, however, what connection the Bashōsen has to Namek within the anime, and the language could have been used because it was the language used by God and the Great Demon King.
  • The Bashōsen is based on a tool from the Chinese novel, the Journey to the West, much in the way the Nyoibō and Kintoun are. It was used by the brothers Kinkaku and Ginkaku in this story.


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