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Beerus' Planet Movie 19
Beerus' Planet[1]
Kanji ビルスのほし
Rōmaji Birusu no Hoshi
Astrographical Information
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Satelites 8[2]
Suns 2[3]
Physical Information
Class Terrestrial
Primary terrain Mostly grassy
Points of interest Beerus' Palace

This is a strange-looking planet, concealed within a nebula, located in the living world.


The planet is oddly-shaped, appearing as an upside down pyramid with an enormous tree growing at its center. The planet also contains a rather large lake with a variety of aquatic creatures living within it. The rest of the planet is mostly grassy.

Notable Locations


  • This planet is located about 26 minutes away from North Kaiō's world, despite it being in the living world (North Kaiō's world is in the Afterworld).[4]
  • The planet is 35 minute away from Earth, and 2 hours 10 minutes away from Nameless Planet.[5]


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