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Bergamo the Crusher
ベルガモ Berugamo
Epithet Bergamo the Crusher (潰しのラベンダ, Tsubushi no Berugamo)[1]
Personal Data
Universe 9th Universe Symbol 9th Universe
Race Alien
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
English Marcus Stimac
Japanese Eiji Takemoto
Professional Status
Team(s) Trio de Dangers
9th Universe
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 33 (Super)
Anime Debut DBS079
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Bergamo (ベルガモ, Berugamo) is a warrior of the Trio de Dangers from the 9th Universe.



Bergamo's full appearance.


Bergamo Enlarged

Bergamo increasing his size.

Bergamo was recognized as the strongest warrior of the 9th Universe.[2] He was easily able to equal the might of Son Gokū while he's in his post-Super Saiyan God base state, and even gain the advantage over him a few times. Bergamo had the ability to absorb energy from damage done to his body, resulting in him increasing his overall size and strength.

Part IV

Universe Survival Arc

Bergamo and his brothers were selected to participate in the Tournament of Power. After arriving at Zen'ō's Palace with Rо̄ and Sidra, the brothers meet their upcoming competition from the 7th Universe. Upon arriving at the fighting ring, Bergamo watches Basil and Lavenda's fight with their respective opponents, Majin Boo and Gohan. Bergamo is the last member from the 9th Universe in fighting the 7th Universe, his opponent is Son Gokū.

Before starting their match Bergamo uses his silver tongue skills to convince paint the Saiyan in a a bad light in the Gods' eyes and convince Zen'o in not erasing the Universes, the Grand Priest accepts Bergamo's offer but only if he can win againts Son Gokū, he thanks Grand Priest and begins his match with the Saiyan.


  • Bergamo's name is a pun on "bergamot" (ベルガモット, berugamotto), an alternative name for Monarda genus of herbs.
  • On the Toei anime website, Bergamo and Lavenda mistakenly have their titles switched, with Bergamo being addressed as Bergamo the Poison (毒のベルガモ, Doku no Berugamo)[3]


  • (To Son Gokū) "Silence, demon! You are the enemy of all the universes! That's why I shall crush you!" (「黙れ 悪魔め!貴様は 俺たち全宇宙の敵だ!だから この俺が ぶっつぶす!」, "Damare akumame! Kisama wa oretachi zen uchū no tekida! Dakara kono ore ga buttsubusu!")[2]


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