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Big Bang Attack[1][2][3][4]
ビッグ・バン・アタック Biggu Ban Atakku
Games Big Bang Flash[5]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 344
Anime Debut DBZ130
Movie Debut Movie 9
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Sub-Type Basic type
Class Offensive
Range Long range
Derived technique(s)
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The Big Bang Attack is a Ki Manipulation Technique, and, alongside the Garlic Cannon and the Final Flash, is one of Vegeta's signature techniques.


The Big Bang Attack is derived from the Garlic Cannon, however, the difference between the two techniques, beyond aesthetics, is the method of firing it, and the shape of the energy blast. To perform the Big Bang Attack, Super Saiyan Vegeta extends his hand, palm spread. He then emits ki from his palm, condensing it into a sphere that can deal heavy damage within its specific explosive range, in direct contrast to the Garlic Cannon, whose nature as an energy beam gives it a much wider range. When Vegeta first became a Super Saiyan, the Big Bang Attack was his strongest technique.[3]

In the anime, Vegetto displays the ability to use this technique as well. Fitting its relation to the Gyarikku-Hō, Vegetto was able to control the shape of the technique, reshaping it from a sphere back into a beam. While firing the technique, Vegetto appears to be able to control it further, bending it as it moved before it collided with the fused evil Majin Boo. Despite its new shape, the technique retains the Big Bang Attack's tremendous power, further amplified by being used by Vegetto. Even after reducing Bu to pieces, the technique flew off planet and well into outer space before finally dissipating.[6]

Baby would use this method while possessing Vegeta's body. Notably, he used the "Final Flash" pose for the technique, despite declaring the "Big Bang Attack".[7]


  • In the game Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butōden, Vegeta returns the Big Bang Attack to the energy beam format that the Garlic Cannon uses, similarly to what Vegetto performed in the anime. Here, it is called the "Big Bang Ray".


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