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Birthing an Egg[1][2]
卵を生む Tamago wa Umu
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #12, Chapter #137
Anime Debut DB104
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z: Sparking! METEOR
Type Special
Class Supplementary
Range User
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Birthing an Egg is the Nameccian asexual reproduction method, and a special characteristic of the Dragon Clan.


This technique is unique to Dragon Clan Nameccians. Through Birthing an Egg, a Nameccian expels a large egg from their mouth, increasing the number of their offspring. As Nameccians are born without gender, any member of the Dragon Clan can have the capacity to use this technique. On planet Namek itself, only Saichōro, the Eldest Nameccian, was seen producing eggs, implying only the eldest living Dragon Clan member bears the children. Saichōro himself birthed over 100 children.

Piccolo Daimaō, when using this technique, warped the children into mutated Nameccians, creating a Demon Clan through his Birthing an Egg. He also showed the ability to create true Nameccian offspring, complete with his memories, to be called his child. In the latter case, however, Piccolo Daimaō used this as a method of reincarnation; he poured his remaining life energy into the egg he birthed, which also ensured God survived Piccolo's "death".[3] When birthing an egg, Piccolo would chant "Pokopen, pokopen, daare ga tsutsuita…".[1]


  • Despite giving birth to them in the usual Nameccian way, Piccolo Daimaō's offsprings all look very different. He shows that he has ability to control what the offspring will look like before birthing it as he'll make Cymbal dragon-like since it will be his job to hunt for the Dragon Balls.[4] However, it's unknown if this ability is of regular Nameccians, or if it's unique to Piccolo Daimaō due to his demonic nature.


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