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Body Change
Body Change[1][2][3]
ボディチェンジ Bodi Chenji
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter #286
Anime Debut DBZ071
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range Long range

Body Change is the signature move and unique skill of Captain Ginew.


To utilize the technique, the user fires a dazzling beam of light at their opponent from out of their entire body. Once covered in the light, his opponent's consciousness is drawn out of their body through their mouth. Similarly, the user's consciousness is drawn out in a similar way. Once the consciousness are exchanged through the beam of light that connects the two individuals, the exchange is complete and the bodies are swapped. Despite the seeming advantages of this technique, it takes some time for the individuals who have swapped bodies to fully adjust and get used to the new body, meaning they cannot freely control their powers. When this technique is used, it is accompanied by a shout of "Change!", either from the user or the victim,[4] implying the words are necessary for the activation of the technique.[1][2]


  • In Dragon Ball XenoVerse, the Future Warrior can learn this technique when training under Ginew, implying it is a technique that can be learned.
  • Due to this technique's unique effect, even by Dragon Ball standards, its mechanics are altered in the many games it appears in — for instance, in the Raging Blast series, the Body Change affects predetermined targets based on the Freeza Arc, and in Dragon Ball Fusions, it is actually possible to reverse the Body Change through healing the afflicted.


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