English Localized Name(s) US Bollarator
Personal Data
Universe 3rd Universe Symbol 3rd Universe
Race Reconstructed Warrior
Voice Actors
English Daman Mills
Professional Status
Team(s) 3rd Universe
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS096
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Borarēta (ボラレータ; English TV "Bollarator") is a Reconstructed Warrior from the 3rd Universe that was selected as a member to represent his respective universe.


Before the start of the tournament, Borarēta was reconstructed and adjusted in order to achieve maximum potential before the tournament, on an unnamed planet in the 3rd Universe, Borarēta is recruited as his universe's strongest warriors.


Borarēta is a large reconstructed warrior that dwarfs various members of Borarēta's respective team. Borarēta is pan-shaped with a green and yellow dual colored design. Borarēta's unique design makes him resemble a robot. Above the head, Borarēta has two large spherical protruding eyes, they are colored red, giving Borarēta a more vicious disposition. The pan-shape head acts as the head of Borarēta. Borarēta can also make various changes to its appearance when merging with Panchea and Koitsukai, acting as a head for their fused form. Borarēta when attacking also changes in appearance such as the capability to stretch arms that possess large wrecking balls on each of the ends. The legs have the capability to be motorized that can move in linear fashion.

Part IV

Universe Survival Arc

Hours later, Borarēta traveled alongside the respective gods of the 3rd universe, and the fellow team-mates. Each of them are introduced by the Grand Priest.


  • Borarēta's name can potentially derive from the japanese expression Borareta (ぼられた; Literally meaning "To be had"). Akin to his respective team members Maji Kāyo and Koitsukai, each have a name that derives from japanese slang, and not an italian dish that was not shared as their name.


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