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Well, I thought hard about it and I realized there were still two Saiyan spaceships here on Earth. The spaceship my brother came in, and the spaceship that I myself came to Earth in as a kid. [...] I had Bulma's dad go looking for them, and while my brother's was blown up, mine was from long ago, so it was still all right. I'm having him repair and rebuild it.

—Son Gokū, Gokū's Power at Full-Force!! Six Days to the End of the Galaxy

Goku Capsule Ship
Capsule Spaceship[1]
Kanji カプセルちゅうせん
Rōmaji Kapuseru Uchūsen
Literal English Capsule Aircraft
Other Space Pod[2]
Round Spaceship
Manga Debut Volume #21, Chapter #251
Anime Debut DBZ046
Classification Machine
Selection Spaceships
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The Capsule Spaceship is a vehicle invented by Dr. Brief, and manufactured by Capsule Corporation. It was originally Son Gokū's Round Spaceship.



Kakarotto in the original Round Spaceshipd as an infant.

The Capsule Spaceship originated as the Round Spaceship that Gine and Bardock sent a young Kakarotto to Earth in. Decades later, Gokū had Dr. Brief use his Space Pod as a base to create the Capsule Spaceship, allowing him to fly to Namekku.[3]

Namekku Odyssey


Is this my spaceship? It's huge!

—Son Gokū, Gokū's Power at Full-Force!! Six Days to the End of the Galaxy

The Capsule Ship retains the general shape it had as a Round Spaceship — that of a spherical space-faring vehicle — but has been vastly increased in size, as well as remodeled. The ship itself is a brilliant marble, with a black stripe along its body and top. Emblazoned on the ship is "Capsule Corp.", and it has three windows on each side. In the front is a door, which lowers like a ramp when the ship is opened.

Interior Design


The interior of the Capsule Spaceship.

The interior of the the ship is a stark white, though the flooring is red in the anime.


You know, this Saiyan science is absolutely amazing!

Brief to Gokū, Gokū's Power at Full-Force!! Six Days to the End of the Galaxy


The Capsule Ship in flight.

Gokū's Capsule Spaceship was built to accomplish two purposes; transportation and training. Not only did it function as a spaceship — allowing Gokū to reach Namekku in six days — but it also possessed an Artificial Gravity Device. With this generator, Gokū could alter gravity from standard to 100gs with the press of a button, allowing him to train under intense gravity.

The lower level of the ship possessed a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom; fully equipped with living quarters to make travel comfortable.

The ship travels through data input; pre-program the coordinates and then press a switch to activate the ship's thrusters. By Dr. Brief's own admission, the ship could take Gokū anywhere in space.


  • The anime creates a plot hole in relation to Gokū's Round Spaceship and the Capsule Spaceship. As it was made using Gokū's ship as a base, in the anime, the ship should not exist at all; Piccolo destroyed Gokū's ship with the Makankōsappō in the anime, due to it emitting a full moon illusion that caused Gohan to go haywire. Brief mentions that it was "broken" in the anime, despite Gokū stating the entire reason Raditz's own ship couldn't be used was because it was also broken.


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