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Imprisonment Ball
Capturing Light Shell[1]
かくこうだん Hokaku Kōdan
Games Meteo Psychokinesis[2]
Psylock Smasher[3]
I May Die This Time[4]
You Might Die This Time![5][6]
Extra-sensory Perception (超能力, Chō nōryoku)[7]
Psycho Smash[8]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #26, Chapter #310
Anime Debut DBZ088
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Sub-Type Alternation type
Class Offensive
Range Mid to Close range
Related technique(s)

The Capturing Light Shell is a restraining Ki Manipulation Technique used by Freeza.


Projecting his ch'i onto a target of his choice, Freeza can envelop the desired victim within a uniform sphere of illuminating light which imposes paralysis within its grasp. When struck enough times with an appropriate amount of force, the sphere will eventually explode violently and cause tremendous damage; especially to the victim that is trapped within. It is typically part of Freeza's strategy to catch an opponent off-guard, entrap them within the light ball, and proceed to send them flying with multiple physical strikes through the air until eventually sending them into the ground below which will cause the ball to explode in an enormous display of bright light. This technique is a combination of powerful psychic abilities and ki.


  • This is often shown as one of Freeza's special moves in many different Dragon Ball Z video games, but has only been shown once during his fight with Son Gokū.


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