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God's Castle

The Castle of God.

The Castle of God (神様の神殿, Kamisama no Shinden; FUNimation "Kami's Lookout", Viz "Kami's Lookout" and "Heaven"; Literally meaning "Temple of God")[1] is an ancient structure located well above the clouds on planet Earth.[2] The structure is the home of all the Gods that preside over planet Earth; God's predecessor, God himself, and later, Dende, who would ascend to the role as 'God' after the predecessor fused with Piccolo. As of the Androids and Cell Arc in Part II of the Dragon Ball series, the Castle becomes the 'base of operations' for the Dragon Team.


The Castle itself is designed as a large, half-sphere. Floating high in the sky where oxygen is scarce, well above even the clouds[Notes 1], the Castle is the highest suspended object within the atmosphere of Earth. Built on top of the platform is a three-pronged palace entrance, which leads down into the interior of the Castle. Lined along the platform are evergreen trees and palm trees.

The Castle itself is position directly over Karin's Tower; to someone who wields the Nyoibō can connect from the Tower to the bottom of the Castle. Before nearly every member of the Dragon Team could fly, this was the only way the Castle could be accessed by anyone from the surface of the world.

The Castle, despite being stationary, possesses the ability to move, if the current God commands it to.[3] As the God of Earth is meant to watch over the planet as a whole, the Castle is capable of this feat.[4]



Castle Interior

Room of Spirit and Time

Main article: Room of Spirit and Time

Known residents

  • Mr. Popo (assistant to the God of Earth)
  • God (Guardian of Earth, before fusing with Piccolo)
  • Gokū (trains at the lookout for three years after the defeat of King Piccolo)
  • Kulilin (trains at the lookout to prepare for the Saiyans)
  • Yamcha (trains at the lookout to prepare for the Saiyans)
  • Tenshinhan (trains at the lookout to prepare for the Saiyans)
  • Chaoz (trains at the lookout to prepare for the Saiyans)
  • Yajirobe (trains at the Lookout to prepare for the Saiyans)
  • Piccolo (resumes residence there after fusing with God)
  • Dende (current God of Earth)



  1. Karin Tower itself exists above the clouds, thus making the Castle even higher


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