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カトペスラ Katopesura
English Localized Name(s) US Katopesla
Personal Data
Universe 3rd Universe 3rd Universe
Race Alien
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
English Garret Storms
Japanese Yūsei Ota
Professional Status
Team(s) 3rd Universe
Occupation(s) Police Officer
  • Transformation Belt
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Catopesra (カトペスラ, Katopesura; English TV "Katopesla") is a police officer from the 3rd Universe.


Catopesra is a bombastic man, much in the same way of the Pride Troopers or the Great Saiyaman. He is shown to be overly energetic, and largely confident, believing he could take on Freeza with relative ease.


Catosesura Render


Catopesra wears a dual colored white, and blue jump suit, and a matching helmet. The other paraphernalia that he has is a belt, and a pair of yellow gloves and boots that have a green colored logo. The suit also has orange stripes on the shoulders and on the helmet, while the middle of the jumpsuit has a large letter "P". The blue portion of the jump suit runs throughout the jumpsuit. The belt is silver and has an orange letter "P".


Whirlwind Speed Mode

Catopesra's Speed Mode.

Using his belt buckle, Catopesra can transform his robot suit into various modes.[2] In his Whirlwind Speed Mode, Catopesra can move three hundred times faster than his normal speed, while in his Raging Battle Mode, his strength is three hundred times stronger.

Part IV[]

Universe Survival Arc[]

Having been selected to participate in the Tournament of Power, Catopesra arrives at the venue with the 3rd Universe team. As the tournament begins, he briefly engages Hop in battle, and afterward, is blasted away by Freeza.[3] Upon the tournament being half over and noticing Jiren meditating, Catopesra and Biara plan to knock the contestant off while he's in his trance. While Biara distracts Toppo and Dispo, Catioesra attempts to engage Jiren, but is repelled by his wall of energy.[4] Later, Catopesra approaches Freeza again, and after their encounter is interrupted by Son Gokū and Kale's fight, Catopesra transforms into his Whirlwind Speed Mode and challenges Freeza to follow him, to which he doesn't.[5] Finding Lazuli injured, he attempts to punch her, but his attack is intercepted by Lapis, who blasts Catopesra away.[6] Later, Vegeta challenges him, leading to Catopersra switching to his Battle Mode. Assaulting Vegeta with a barrage of punches, he retaliates in a fit of rage.[7]


  • Catopesra VS Hop
  • Catopesra VS Freeza
  • Catopesra VS Pilina
  • Catopesra VS Cabba
  • Catopesra & Biarra VS the Pride Troopers
  • Catopesra VS Zarbuto
  • Catopesra VS No. 17 & No. 18


  • Catopesra's name potentially derives from the italian food Pescatora.


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