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キャウェイ Kyauei
Personal Data
Universe 4th Universe Symbol 4th Universe
Race Alien
Status Erased
Gender Female Icon Female
Voice Actors
English Tia Ballard
Japanese Mariko Kouda
Professional Status
Team(s) 4th Universe
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS096
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Caway (キャウェイ, Kyauei) is a warrior from the 4th Universe. She competed in the Tournament of Power as a member of the 4th Universe team.


Coway Render


Caway is a beautiful young humanoid woman with green skin, blue eyes, and long pink hair. She also wears purple stockings, blue heels, and her accessories are a cape, and a ring around her forehead with an earring attached.


Caway is shown to be a relatively composed woman, though Kame-Sennin's antics easily pushed her over the edge. Seen during her encounters with the aforementioned hermit, Caway has a seductive side, and uses it to her advantage; however, she also didn't consider the consequences of an opponent who would respond differently. Despite her seductive nature, Caway easily flees form an opponent who is too perverted, to avoid having her value as a wife ruined.



Caway flaunting her looks as a tactic.

Caway is a talented warrior, with talents suitable to be selected for the Tournament of Power by Quitela. Her physical prowess is at least on par with Kame-Sennin, and, noted comically while running away from the aforementioned hermit, Caway has excellent speed. When her abilities are not enough to handle a male opponent, Caway makes excellent use of her appealing body, utilising to entice and distract men. This does, however, prove dangerous when the opponent is someone such as Kame-Sennin.[1]

Ki Manipulation

Main article: Tool Creation Technique

Tool Creation Technique

Caway manipulating ki tools.

Caway has the ability to manipulate the shape of her ki to create tools for use in combat. The technique impressed the Kame-Sennin, and Caway has shown skill in manipulating the weapons flawlessly. Wielding them as if she was a weapon's master, Caway displays the ability to utilise any weapon she creates to its fullest.[1]

Part IV

Universe Survival Arc



  • Caraway's name derives from Caraway Seeds an indian spice. Like all the combatants from the Fourth Universe, Caway is named after a plant used for culinary purposes.


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