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See also: List of Volumes The Cell Arc (セルへん, Seru Hen)[1] is an arc in the Dragon Ball series. This highlights the introduction of the menace Cell. It spans from the last half of volume 30 to 35,[1] more specifically it spans from chapters 357 to 420.[1] It is preceded with the Androids Arc and followed by the High School Arc.



# Translated title Kanji title Rōmaji title Viz title
357 News From Bulma ブルマからの知らせ Buruma kara no Shirase A Discovery
358 An Evil Premonition 邪悪な予感 Jāku na Yokan The Time Machine
359 God Has Seen It!! 神様は見た!! Kamisama wa Mita!! Kami-sama's Vision
360 The Union of God and the Demon King 神と大魔王の融合 Kami to Daimaō no Yūgō Kami-sama and the Great Demon King Become One
361 The Mysterious Monster, Finally Appears!! 謎の怪物、ついに出現!! Nazo no Kaibutsu, Tsui ni Shutsugen!! Cell
362 A Duel in Ginger Town ジンジャータウンの決闘 Jinjā Taun no Kettō Ginger Town Showdown
363 The Monster's Riddle is Solved 解けた怪物の謎 Toketa Kaibutsu no Nazo A Farewell to Arms
364 Cell Laughs 笑うセル Warau Seru Cell Laughs Last
365 Son Gokū Awakens 目覚めた孫悟空 Mezameta Son Gokū Son Goku Awakens
366 The Saiyans' Training サイヤ人たちの修業 Saiyajintachi no Shugyō The Super Saiyans' Training
367 The Reborn Piccolo versus No. 17 新生ピッコロ対17号 Shinsei Pikkoro Tai Jūnanagō Piccolo vs. #17
368 Cell Sneaks Up 忍びよるセル Shinobiyoru Seru Waiting in the Wings
369 The Androids versus Cell 人造人間対セル Jinzōningen Tai Seru Cell vs. the Androids
370 The Reborn Piccolo's Do-or-Die Opposition 新生ピッコロ決死の抵抗 Shinsei Pikkoro Kesshi no Teikō New Piccolo… Last Piccolo?
371 No. 16 Stirs! 動き始めた16号! Ugoki Hajimeta Jūrokugō! Cell vs. #16
372 The Desperate No. 16's Power!! 決死の16号パワー!! Kesshi no Jūrokugō Pawā!! #16 Summons His Power
373 Prevent It! Cell's Developed Form 阻止せよ!セルの完全体 Soshi Se yo! Seru no Kanzentai The New Cell
374 Gokū and Cell's First Confrontation 悟空とセル初めての対峙 Gokū to Seru Hajimete no Taiji Goku Meets Cell
375 Vegeta, Trunks Depart!! ベジータ、トランクス発進!! Bejīta, Torankusu Hasshin!! Vegeta and Trunks Emerge
376 Vegeta's Self-Confidence! ベジータに自身あり! Bejīta ni Jishin Ari! Vegeta's Confidence
377 Son Gokū and Son Gohan 孫悟空と孫悟飯 Son Gokū to Son Gohan Beyond the Super Saiyan
378 Super Vegeta 超ベジータ Sūpā Bejīta Super Vegeta
379 Interrupted?! Cell's Developed Form 絶たれた!?セルの完全体 Tatareta!? Seru no Kanzentai Cell's Last Chance
380 Run Away!! No. 18 逃げろ!!18号 Nigero!! Jūhachigō The Evil Truce
381 Vegeta's Curiosity Saves Cell ベジータの好奇心セルを助ける Bejīta no Kōkishin Seru o Tasukeru Vegeta vs. Trunks?
382 Developed Form Completed!! 完全体完成!! Kanzentai Kansei!! The Complete Cell
383 The Tables Turn!! 形勢逆転!! Keisei Gyakuten!! A Reversal
384 Vegeta's Stubborn Secret Plan ベジータ、執念の秘策 Bejīta, Shūnen no Hisaku The Final Flash
385 Trunks Starts Up トランクス始動 Torankusu Shidō Trunks Steps In
386 Super Trunks Surpasses His Father! 父を超えた超トランクス! Chichi o Koeta Sūpā Torankusu! Trunks Surpasses His Father
387 The Balance of Super Power 超パワーのバランス Sūpā Pawā no Baransu The Balance of Power
388 Cell's Idea セルの思いつき Seru no Omoitsuki Cell's Idea
389 A Terrifying Message 戦慄のメッセージ Senritsu no Messeiji Message of Terror
390 Gokū and Gohan Come Out 悟空と悟飯外へ Gokū to Gohan Soto e The Emergence
391 A Rest Before the Big Showdown 大対決戦前の休息 Daikessen Mae no Kyūsoku The Calm Before the Storm
392 The Royal Army's Resistance 王立防衛軍 Ōritsu Bōeigun Cell vs. the Army
393 A New God 新しい神様 Atarashī Kamisama The New Kami-sama
394 The Cell Games Begin セルゲーム始まる Seru Gēmu Hajimaru The Cell Game Begins!
395 The Entire Group Gathers!! フルメンバー集合!! Furu Menbā Shūgō!! Heroes Assemble!
396 The Cell Game's Dead Weight?! セルゲームのお荷物!? Seru Geimu no Onimotsu!? Hercule, Champion of the World
397 Cell versus Son Gokū!! セル対孫悟空!! Seru Tai Son Gokū!! Cell vs. Son Goku
398 Son Gokū at Full Power 孫悟空フルパワー Son Gokū Furu Pawā Full Power
399 Showdown at the Highest Level 最高レベルの決戦 Saikō Reberu no Kessen The Highest Level
400 Either Defeat or Death! 敗北か死か! Haiboku ka Shi ka! Ring Out
401 Kamehameha Full Power かめはめ波フルパワー Kamehameha Furu Pawā Kamehameha Full Power
402 Son Gokū's Mysterious Behavior 孫悟空謎の行動 Son Gokū Nazo no Kōdō Last Resort
403 The Warrior Who Surpassed Gokū 悟空を越えた戦士 Gokū o Koeta Senshi The Successor
404 Take Off! Super Son Gohan 発進!超孫悟飯 Hasshin! Sūpā Son Gohan Let's Go, Gohan!
405 Will Son Gohan Get Angry? 怒るか孫悟飯 Okoru ka Son Gohan The Rage of Son Gohan?
406 No. 16's Secret Weapon 16号の秘密兵器 Jūrokugō no Himitsu Heiki #16's Secret Weapon
407 The Hell of the Cell Juniors セルジュニアの地獄 Seru Junia no Jigoku The Little Cells
408 Son Gohan Explodes!! 孫悟飯爆発!! Son Gohan Bakuhatsu!! Gohan Unleashed!
409 Seriousness versus Seriousness 本気対本気 Honki Tai Honki Cell vs. Gohan
410 The Ultimate Kamehameha 究極のかめはめ波 Kyūkyoku no Kamehameha The Ultimate Kamehameha
411 Cell, Driven to the Wall 追い詰められたセル Oitsumerareta Seru Cell, Brought to Bay
412 The End of the Cell Games セルゲームの結末 Seru Geimu no Ketsumatsu The End of the Cell Game
413 Son Gohan in Agony 苦しむ孫悟飯 Kurushimu Son Gohan Gohan's Pain
414 An Unexpected Turning of the Tables 思わぬ形勢逆転 Omowanu Keisei Gyakuten The Tables Turn
415 A Message From Son Gokū 孫悟空からのメッセージ Son Gokū kara no Messeiji Father and Son
416 Kamehameha versus Kamehameha: A Final Showdown かめはめ波対かめはめ波最後の決戦 Kamehameha Tai Kamehameha Saigo no Kessen Kamehameha vs. Kamehameha
417 The Grand Finale 大団円 Daidan'en Finale
418 Farewell, Warriors さようなら戦士たち Sayōnara Senshitachi Farewell, Warriors
419 One More Conclusion もうひとつの結末 Mō Hitotsu no Ketsumatsu The Other Outcome
420 Peace for the Future… 未来に平和を… Mirai ni Heiwa o… Peace to the Future



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