Dragon Ball Chapter 115

"Surviving the Preliminaries, Part 2"
Kanji 予選サバイバルその2
Rōmaji Yosen Sabaibaru Sono Ni
Viz King Chappa
Chapter Info
Author(s) Akira Toriyama
Volume Volume 10
Previous Chapter 114
Next Chapter 116
Arc 22nd Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Arc
Japanese March 10, 1987
Anime Adaptation
Corresponding episode(s) DB086
Character debut(s)
None in this chapter
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
None in this chapter

"Surviving the Preliminaries, Part 2" (予選サバイバルその2, Yosen Sabaibaru Sono Ni; Viz "King Chappa") is the one hundred fifteenth chapter of Part I of the Dragon Ball manga.


As Gokū and King Chapa face off, Jackie Chun and Yamcha anticipate a difficult match for Gokū. However, the young boy manages to outpace the king, forcing Chapa to use his special technique. This fails as Gokū blocks all of the king's punches, trips the king, and jumps into the air. Gokū, unable to move freely in the air, falls down towards Chapa, only to momentarily stop himself in mid-air by expelling his breath like an explosive blast in order to kick and knock out the king. As the spectators are stunned and amazed, Gokū reveals he was holding back, shocking his fellow pupils and leading Chun to foresee a tough tournament even for himself.

After Chun knocks out his opponent, Yamcha anticipates an amazing tournament, but not after the students of the Turtle School and Jackie Chun advance to become part of the eight finalists. As the trio of Rōshi's pupils inform Bulma, Lunch, Oolong and Umigame of their victories, they wonder of Rōshi's whereabouts, only for the turtle hermit to reveal himself to be watching the fights in secret. As the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai begins, Lunch, using her aggressive side, manages to get a front-row seat for the Dragon Team from threatening others in the audience by shooting a pistol in the air.

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