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"Kuririn's Death — A Terrible Conspiracy"
Kanji クリリンの死そして恐ろしき陰謀
Rōmaji Kuririn no Shi Soshite Osoroshiki Inbō
Viz The Death of Kuririn
Chapter Info
Author(s) Akira Toriyama
Volume Volume 12
Previous Chapter 134
Next Chapter 136
Arc Piccolo Daimaō Arc
Japanese July 28, 1987
Anime Adaptation
Corresponding episode(s) DB102
Character debut(s)
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
None in this chapter

"Kuririn's Death — A Terrible Conspiracy" (クリリンの死そして恐ろしき陰謀, Kuririn no Shi Soshite Osoroshiki Inbō; Viz "The Death of Kuririn") is the one hundred thirty-fifth chapter of Part I of the Dragon Ball manga.


In fury at his best friend's death, Gokū swears revenge. Taking the Dragon Radar from Bulma, he boards Kintoun and flies away from the Tenkaichi Budōkai arena, in spite of Muten Rōshi's orders that he stay. Looking at the Radar, Gokū follows the moving Dragon Ball signal. Oolong found a piece of paper on the ground, and on it is "魔" (Ma; "devil") inscribed within a circle. Muten Rōshi recognizes the symbol immediately; it's the sign of Piccolo, the Great Demon King.

Muten Rōshi explains the origin of Piccolo, a horrible demon who reveled in death and destruction. Many years ago, his own teacher, Mutaito, developed a secret technique to seal Piccolo away in a ricer cooker. This technique was referred to as the Mafūba. Unfortunately, it came at the cost of Mutaito's life. Muten Rōshi doesn't understand how Piccolo could have escaped, as he threw the rice cooker to the bottom of the sea.

In the sky, an airship is flying. Inside the ship is the demon Piccolo himself, sitting on an ornate throne. His goal is to find the Dragon Balls, so that he can achieve eternal youth, allowing his evil to rule forever. Inside the ship with Piccolo are the Pilaf Gang, who are incidentally responsible for setting Piccolo free. Pilaf haggles for portions of the world with Piccolo, hoping to secure a spot as a ruler when Piccolo himself takes over; Piccolo agrees to consider Pilaf's proposal for a "third" of the world, before destroying the cooker he was trapped in. Piccolo declares his intention to kill all masters of martial arts.

Muten Rōshi and the others clue into Piccolo's intentions; due to fear of the Mafūba, he intends to kill every single person on the registration list. Just as they reach this revelation, Gokū manages to make contact with Kuririn's assassin.