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"Farewell, Son Gokū"
Kanji さようなら孫悟空
Rōmaji Sayōnara Son Gokū
Viz Sayonara, Goku
Chapter Info
Author(s) Akira Toriyama
Volume Volume 17
Previous Chapter 203
Next Chapter 205
Arc Saiyan Arc
Japanese November 7, 1988
Anime Adaptation
Corresponding uncut Z episode(s) DBZ005
Corresponding Kai episode(s) DBK003, DBK004
Character debut(s)
None in this chapter
Technique debut(s)
None in this chapter
Tool debut(s)
None in this chapter

"Farewell, Son Gokū" (さようなら孫悟空, Sayōnara Son Gokū; Viz "Sayonara, Goku") is the two hundred fourth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga, and the tenth chapter of Part II of the manga.


The Makankōsappō pierces Gokū and Raditz, leaving the Saiyan siblings with a large gaping hole in their stomachs. Raditz curses the two for taking his life, surprised that his younger brother would give his own life. Piccolo states that Gokū won't remain dead for long; his friends will use the Dragon Balls and revive him. This is news Raditz loved hearing, and informs Piccolo that his comrades are listening in from his scouter, and will arrive in a year's time to kill them all. Angrily, Piccolo finishes the job, and Raditz is killed.

The Dragon Team arrives on the scene to see Gokū and Piccolo having won, but only Piccolo is standing. Meanwhile, deep in outer-space, Raditz's two Saiyan comrades are on another planet, quite literally feasting on victory. They berate Raditz for losing to suchg weak opponents, and refuse to use the wish they want on the Dragon Balls to revive him. Instead, their goal is immortality; an eternity of combat. Departing from the planet, they do note the peculiarity of Son Gohan's power; immensely powerful for a Saiyan child. They briefly consider the notion of a Super Saiyan, and whether or not they should create an army of half-Saiyan children for themselves when they arrive on Earth, before shooting down the idea, resolving to kill all life on the planet.

After affirming his son is okay, Gokū passes on, vanishing from the Earth. Piccolo surmises that God took the Saiyan's body. At this time, the incoming Saiyans decide to rest; in a year's time, they will arrive on Earth.