"Vegeta's Game"
Kanji ベジータのゲーム
Rōmaji Bejīta no Geimu
Viz Let the Games Begin!
Chapter Info
Author(s) Akira Toriyama
Volume Volume 18
Previous Chapter 213
Next Chapter 215
Arc Saiyan Arc
Japanese March 7, 1989
Anime Adaptation
Corresponding uncut Z episode(s) DBZ022 & DBZ023
Corresponding Kai episode(s) DBK009
Character debut(s)
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)

"Vegeta's Game" (ベジータのゲーム, Bejīta no Geimu; Viz "Let the Games Begin!") is the two hundred fourteenth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga, and the twentieth chapter of Part II of the manga.


Vegeta recognizes Piccolo by his voice as the one who killed Raditz, and explains that the Scouters they wear double as transmitters. Nappa notes that Piccolo is a Nameccian, a term none of them recognize. Vegeta explains that Nameccians, in addition to their above average battle power, has mystical abilities, and believes Piccolo to be the one who created the Dragon Balls. When the others are shocked that they know about the Dragon Balls, which is the reason the Saiyans arrive din the first place. Confident they can win, the Saiyans begin to fight the Dragon Team.

On the Palace of God, God is surprised to realize he was an alien, but it explains his innate ability to create the Dragon Balls without thought, and attributes it to something his ancestors did on their homeworld long ago.

While relying on the Scouter for combat strength readings, Vegeta insists Nappa remove it, as the Dragon Team are capable of adjusting their combat strength to suit the battle conditions. Nappa then plants six Saibaimen, and green imp creatures sprout from the seeds planted into the ground. Tenshinhan, Chaozu and Yamcha arrive in time, bolstering the numbers of the Dragon Team to match the Saibaimen. Tenshinhan steps up to fight first, sending the Saibaimen back with a Kiai Cannon, and narrowly dodging an acidic liquid from its head. With a sharp elbow drop, Tenshinhan incapacitates the beast.

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