Dragon Ball Chapter 85

"The Hitman "Taopaipai""
Kanji 殺し屋゛桃白白゛
Rōmaji Koroshiya "Taopaipai"
Literal English The Hitman "Peach White White"
Viz Taopaipai the Assassin
Chapter Info
Author(s) Akira Toriyama
Volume Volume 8
Previous Chapter 84
Next Chapter 86
Arc Red Ribbon Army Arc
Japanese July 29, 1986
Anime Adaptation
Corresponding episode(s) DB058 & DB059
Character debut(s)
Technique debut(s)
None in this chapter
Tool debut(s)
None in this chapter

"The Hitman 'Taopaipai'" (殺し屋゛桃白白゛, Koroshiya 'Taopaipai'; Viz "Taopaipai the Assassin"; Literally meaning "The Hitman 'Peach White White'") is the eighty-fifth chapter of Part I of the Dragon Ball manga.


As the man thanks Gokū for the latter saving the former's son Upa, Gokū rejoices after noticing the man holding his grandfather's memoir, the four-star Dragon Ball. As the man wonders the value of the mystical ball, General Blue finally arrives at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters after brief confrontation with soldiers who initially did not recognize him.

Meanwhile, the famed assassin Taopaipai appears on Commander Red's call, demanding an enormous price for his services. Subsequently, Blue arrives at his commander's office, informing his superior of the current situation. Red then orders Blue's execution after the general fails to bring back the Dragon Balls despite being in possession of the Dragon Radar, but then retracts that order and makes Blue fight Taopaipai.

Taopaipai proceeds to knockout Blue with one hit, much to the surprise of Red and his assistant Lieutenant Black. The assassin then learns of Gokū's identity, and after Black shows the assassin a what a Dragon Ball looks like, Taopaipai heads towards Gokū's location in the Karin Holy Land. As the assassin is on his way, Upa's father informs Gokū of the Karin Tower and how those who reach the top gain exponential power from meeting the hermit and drinking his holy water.

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