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"Taopaipai's Surefire Dodonpa"
Kanji 桃白白の必殺どどん波
Rōmaji Taopaipai no Hissatsu Dodonpa
Literal English Peach White White's Surefire Boom Wave
Viz The Devastating Dodon-Pa!!!
Chapter Info
Author(s) Akira Toriyama
Volume Volume 8
Previous Chapter 85
Next Chapter 87
Arc Red Ribbon Army Arc
Japanese August 5, 1986
Anime Adaptation
Corresponding episode(s) DB059 & DB060
Character debut(s)
None in this chapter
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
None in this chapter

"Taopaipai's Surefire Dodonpa" (桃白白の必殺どどん波, Taopaipai no Hissatsu Dodonpa; Viz "The Devastating Dodon-Pa!!!"; Literally meaning "Peach White White's Surefire Boom Wave") is the eighty-sixth chapter of Part I of the Dragon Ball manga.


While Gokū shows interest in climbing all the way to the top of Karin Tower, Upa notices Taopaipai heading towards their direction. As the assassin arrives and makes his intentions to kill Gokū known, Upa's father offers to defend Gokū due the young boy saving his son, only to be quickly killed by the assassin. An angered Gokū decides to strike back, and is eventually pushed to use a Kamehameha wave on Taopaipai. However, much to Gokū's surprise, his attack was ineffective against the assassin, and Taopaipai retaliates by seemingly killing Gokū with his Dodonpa. As Upa is distressed, the assassin retrieves the Dragon Balls from Gokū's possession.