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Kanji クローン
Rōmaji Kurōn
Additional Information
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Status Extinct
Unique Traits Abilities of their originals

A Clone[1] is an organism that is created in the likeness of the universe's strongest warriors. They appear in Dragon Ball FighterZ and Super Dragon Ball Heroes.


The Clones created for No. 21's Clone Army consist of cloned versions of Son Gokū, Son Gohan, Vegeta, Tenshinan, Yamcha, Kulilin Majin Boo, Piccolo, Cell, Freeza, Trunks, Nappa, and the whole of the Ginew Special Corps. These clones, similarly to Cell, are crafted from the cells of the strongest warriors in the 7th Universe, and grown at an advanced pace so that they can be ready for battle quickly. The clones possess paler skin, paler hair, and red eyes. They are typically draped in a black and red variation of their originals' attire.[1]



Son Gokū versus Clone Gokū.

Despite their appearances, the clones are mindless, lacking the abilities to speak or reason. Their expressions are typically fixed, blank stares. In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, however, the clones — at least Gokū, Piccolo, and Vegeta — showed an almost malicious pleasure in being able to battle the original Gokū.[2] Majin Boo is the one exception to this, as the pure form of Majin Boo's personality shines through, and is the only one capable of speech, at least to the extent Boo himself was.[1]

The strength of a clone is dependent on the time the cells were collected from the host — yet another similarity they share with Cell — and as such, can either prove to be too much for their originals, or fodder. Tenshinhan and Piccolo note that their clones possess the same strength as themselves, while Gohan noted his clone could be difficult depending on when his cells were gathered. Majin Boo's clones, due to possessing his cells, can absorb targets and increase their strength. This does not grant them abilities or attributes of the target, and they have only been seen absorbing other clones.[1]

Furthermore, the clones, much like Cell, can utilize the techniques of their original to a degree, with Gokū's clone being more than capable of utilizing the Kamehameha. They can also transform, as Gokū, Trunks, and Vegeta are seen only as Super Saiyans. the clone Freeza, however, does not display the Golden Freeza transformation, hinting at the limited and imperfect nature of these clones.[1]


  • Despite numerous similarities to Cell, the Clones are not referred to as Bio-Androids.


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