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コーチン Kōchin
Alias Doctor Cochin (Dr.コーチン, Dokutā Kōchin)[1]
Personal Data
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Race Cyborg
Birthday Age 691
Age 70[2]
Status Deceased
Gender Male Icon Male
Professional Status
Partner(s) Uirō
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Doctor Cochin (Dr.コーチン, Dokutā Kōchin) is an evil scientist, and assistant to Doctor Uiro.


During Age 711, Cochin transplanted the brain of Uiro who had fallen terminally ill. In order to build what they both thought was an ideal world where their peculiar talents was recognized they needed preserve what they had. Due to some unfortunate events the laboratory was trapped in the permanent ice wall with incredibly freezing temperatures. At some point creating three warriors to assist him to collect the Dragon Balls to call upon Shenron.[3]


Cochin was a loyal follower of Uiro, enough to have scoured for half of a century to search for a way to resurrect his colleague and the laboratory. Cochin showed megalomaniacal views in attempting to change the world through extremist methods.



Cochin is an incredibly smart genius, who was able to perform various peculiar surgeries that were able to preserve the brain, such a surgery where one can place the brain in a state of stasis. Cochin although seemingly limited in fighting capability makes up with the hinderance through intellectual and the use of his fully mechanical body equipped with a gatling gun.

Body Modifications

It appeared that Cochin was physically human, but it appears that he has a completely robotic body merged with various body modifications. His arm was equipped with a compartmentalized gatling gun that he uses to attack his targets.

Plot Overview

Dragon Ball Z: The Strongest Guy in the World

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Creation & Conception

  • Takao Koyama was the one to decide the name puns, including Cochin's.[1]


  • Cochin's name derives from the Cochin (コーチン, Kōchin) a breed of chicken found in the Nagoya area.[1]


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