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Kanji コメソン
Rōmaji Komeson
Other Superhuman Water (超人水, Chōjin Sui)
Anime Debut DBS045
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies
Residence Potaufeu
Inventor/Creator Comméson's natives

The Comméson (コメソン, Komeson) is a mysterious purple liquid created by people of planet Potaufeu.


Long time ago, the natives of planet Potaufeu created Comméson to defend them by incapacitating invaders through absorbing their power. Comméson endlessly kept on absorbing enemies' powers and turning into exact copies of them. However, the more evil power it absorbed, the more evil will it owned. Rather than protecting the planet, it now absorbed people simply to seek further power for its own sake. Since the copies Comméson created of those it absorbed made it look like the originals had powered up, rumors of a miraculous power-up water, which is able to multiplie one's power hundreds of times over, began to spread, luring in further invaders to call it the "Superhuman Water".

Fearing it to destroy the entire universe, the people of Potaufeu sacrificed themselves to seal it away, leaving only Potage to guard it over the next century.[1]


  • Comméson is a pun on Consommé (コンソメ, Konsome), a kind of soup.


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