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Containment Field
Anime Debut DBS049
Inventor/Creator Bulma
Affiliation Capsule Corporation Symbol Capsule Corporation

This containment field is a special device used by Bulma. With a remote control, she projects energy off of several buildings, combining to form a large, durable sphere. She utilized this device when Son Gokū and her son, Trunks began to spar. The barrier it created proved to be durable, withstanding the sparring between two Super Saiyan 2. However, when Gokū went Super Saiyan 3, and parried Trunks' sword with his fingers, the barrier shattered under the stress.[1]


  • This item did not appear in the manga; Gokū and Trunks fought without any sort of containment in the manga counterpart.


  1. Dragon Ball Super episode 49
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