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Continuous Kamehameha[1][2]
れんぞくかめはめ Renzoku Kamehameha
Literal English Continuous Kamehame Wave
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 23, Chapter 270
Anime Debut DBZ059
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z Budokai
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Sub-Type Continuous type
Class Offensive
Range Long range
Derived technique(s)
Related technique(s)

The Continuous Kamehameha is a variation of the Kamehameha that encompasses traits of the Continuous Kikōha.


Gokū developed the Continuous Kamehameha on his way to Planet Namek, and used it in his solo training as a way to improve his battle power rating.[1][3]


The Continuous Kamehameha is a unique method of using the Kamehameha, and like the Turning Kamehameha, shows Gokū's ingenuity as a fighting genius. The execution of the technique seems to be simple, as the user simply takes the pose of the Kamehameha wave, and instead of releasing one long beam, releases a barrage from the same Kamehameha stance. While it looks simple, it is deceivingly complex, as only those who have undergone intense training can perform this Kamehameha variation.[1][3]


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