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"Overwhelming Strength!! The Dragon that Rules the Evil Dragons"
Kanji 強さ圧倒的!!邪悪龍を支配する龍
Rōmaji Tsuyosa Attōteki!! Jaaku Ryū o Shihai Suru Ryū
FUNimation The One-Star Dragon
Episode Info
Previous DBGT056
Next DBGT058
Saga Shadow Dragon Saga
First Broadcast
Japanese September 3, 1997
English December 11, 2004
Character debut(s)
Technique debut(s)
  • Dragon Ball Blast
  • Super Ice Ray
  • Ice Claw
Tool debut(s)
None in this episode

"Overwhelming Strength!! The Dragon that Rules the Evil Dragons" (強さ圧倒的!!邪悪龍を支配する龍, Tsuyosa Attōteki!! Jaaku Ryū o Shihai Suru Ryū; FUNimation "The One-Star Dragon") is the fifty-seventh episode of the Dragon Ball GT anime.


Gokū and the Three-Star Dragon begin to fight. When the battle is in Gokū's favor, the dragon resorts to dirty tricks, such as using the unconscious Pan and even his own brother as human shields. The dragon freezes him again, but Gokū is able to break free, and he beats the dragon. As the three-star dragon is begging for mercy, he suddenly slashes Gokū's eyes, blinding him. Gokū is able to quickly land a devastating punch, which finishes off the three-star dragon. The four-star dragon hands Gokū special eye drops to cure his blindness, but they are shot out of his hand. It was the One-Star Dragon who was created by the wish that revived all victims of Freeza and his men.[1] He quickly destroys the four-star dragon, leaving only a blind Gokū to fight him. An enraged and disgusted Gokū criticizes him for killing one of his own kind, but the one-star dragon merely reminds him that Gokū is responsible for the birth of all Evil Dragons because he overused the Dragon Balls. Undaunted, Gokū states that he always used the Dragon Balls for the good of the Earth and never used them selfishly even once, and tries to fight, but even when he lands a Kamehameha, he isn't able to do any damage to the one-star dragon. The dragon lands a powerful hit, which knocks Gokū unconscious. Pan regains consciousness, and is horrified to see Gokū hanging upside-down from a pole.


Role Seiyū FUNimation dub Voice Actor
English Japanese Rōmaji English Japanese Rōmaji English
Son Gokū
Son Gokū
Masako Nozawa
Nozawa Masako
Stephanie Nadolny

Sean Schemmel (Super Saiyan 4)

Yūko Minaguchi
Minaguchi Yūko
Elise Baughman
One-Star Dragon
Hidekatsu Shibata
Shibata Hidekatsu
Bob Carter
Three-Star Dragon
Kaneto Shiozawa
Shiozawa Kaneto
Jerry Jewell
Four-Star Dragon
Ken Yamaguchi
山口 健
Yamaguchi Ken
John Burgmeier
Jōji Yanami
Yanami Jōji
Andrew Chandler


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