"Gokū's "Ki" is Out of Control?! Lots of Trouble Taking Care of Pan"
Kanji 悟空の「気」が制御不能!?パンのお世話で四苦八苦
Rōmaji Gokū no "Ki" ga Seigyofunō!? Pan no Osewa de Shikuhakku
Episode Info
Previous DBS042
Next DBS044
Arc Hakaishin Champa Arc
First Broadcast
Japanese May 15, 2016
Character debut(s)
None in this episode
Technique debut(s)
None in this episode
Tool debut(s)
None in this episode

"Gokū's "Ki" is Out of Control?! Lots of Trouble Taking Care of Pan" (悟空の「気」が制御不能!?パンのお世話で四苦八苦, Gokū no "Ki" ga Seigyofunō!? Pan no Osewa de Shikuhakku)[1] is the forty-third episode of the Dragon Ball Super anime.


At home, Gokū has only eaten half of his dinner, which concerns Chi-Chi. Gokū admits that he hasn't been feeling right and decides to visit North Kaiō. However, Gokū's Instantaneous Movement causes him to teleport to various places. Eventually, Gokū manages to teleport to North Kaiō's planet. North Kaiō examines Gokū and explains that he has delayed onset ki disorder, a temporary disease that makes it difficult for the user to control their ki properly, but the disease will only last for a few days. This disease is a result of using ki in a reckless way; Gokū remembers using Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken and multiplying it by ten when he was fighting against Hit and surmises that to be he reason for having the disease. North Kaiō advises Gokū to not push himself too far with his training as training too much will cause him to lose his senses and thus lose the ability to fight. North Kaiō suggests to Gokū that he should get plenty of rest and spend time with his granddaughter, Pan. Gokū returns home, but his reckless flying causes him to accidentally destroy the house.

At a hotel, Gohan and Videl are having a meeting with a university teacher who wants him to become his assistant. Gohan receives a call from home and leaves the dinner temporarily. Gohan speaks to Gokū, who tells Gohan that he, Chi-Chi and Goten along with Piccolo are staying at his place for a while since he needs time to repair his destroyed house and they will take care of Pan while they are gone, which relieves Gohan. The Pilaf Gang overhears Gohan speaking to his father and devise a plan now that Gokū is sick.

Gokū along with Piccolo and Chi-Chi spend the rest of the day looking after Pan. The next day, the Pilaf Gang arrive outside Gohan and Videl's home, planning to make Piccolo convey their demands. However, Pan appears before them. At that moment, Gokū, Piccolo and Chi-Chi see that Pan is missing and begin searching for her, much to the Pilaf Gang's fear. They retreat in their machine, but take Pan along with. Pan's presence causes the Pilaf Gang to lose control of their machine which causes it to fly into space. Suddenly, Pan awakens her ki and flies out of the machine along with the Pilaf Gang in tow.

Pan flies back to Earth, dropping the Pilaf Gang in the process and flies home. Afterwards, Gohan and Videl return home and thank Gokū, Piccolo and Chi-Chi for taking care of Pan. Chi-Chi asks Gohan about the assistant job, but Gohan decided to turn it down as it would prevent him from seeing Pan, much to Chi-Chi's disappointment.


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